Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Patriotic Truck

I love finding silly things to snap a quick photo of and this truck was no exception. It's hard to read, but the license plate says, "Amurika". Now there's a determined patriot who didn't take "no, that's already taken" seriously at the DMV! Extra points for the creative spelling!

Can't keep a good junker down!

The last two weekends have been the BEST for one of my favorite activities - looking at and purchasing old items to turn into new treasures! In other words, junking!

Weekend before last, the town of Purcellville held its annual Town-wide Tag Sale. This event has really grown over the years. It used to be that sellers would line up along the side of the road and you'd have to gingerly squeeze your car into any open spot you could find to park, then risk opening your door and exiting your car. Now, it's much better with designated areas in town, such as large parking lots, where multiple yard sales take place. There are still plenty of sales in folks' yards too, they are just in safer locations, like neighborhoods, and not along the main road. Still, caution must always be used when dealing with a bunch of Saturday morning bargain hunters. We do get a teensy bit crazy at times!

My daughter and I took the two little ones and walked and walked and, oh my God, walked! I ended up purchasing 4 black wrought iron bistro-style patio chairs and can't wait to go fabric shopping to find the perfect design to recover the seats in. This will dictate what color I paint the chairs. I may do them in pairs, or maybe even all four in a different style. ooOOOooo! That's an interesting idea! I also purchased a rather large oval-shaped ottoman, which I will recover. I'm thinking a light weave, such as muslin, with a French-themed transfer. Wow! I just got all tingly! See? I told you we can get a bit carried away! In addition, I purchased a bust of some Roman or Greek god person (don't you just love details?) and at this fab consignment shop, I got two of those round, bolster pillow thingies, perfect for my neck and brand new! That's where I saw a great pair of western boots that for the life of me, I can't figure out why I didn't try on. I may have to go back soon and see if they're still available. I can't live in flip flops forever, you know. The weather has changed and my feet are starting to dislike the chill.

Along the way, we picked up a few books and toys for the kiddos, looked, laughed and generally had a great time. The weather was perfect and although I was totally exhausted by the time I got home, it was well worth it.

Last Friday, the Rummage Sale once again opened its doors and I couldn't have been happier! I look forward to this event all year. It is hosted by the Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Board and raises money for infants and other causes related to the hospital. I really love the ladies there; they are such hard workers! Most of them are probably in their 70's, but they work for 3 days, sorting and displaying all the donations, then spend another two full days working the event! They sure have more energy than I do! The leftovers go to other charities, and so the giving is passed forward. It does my heart good to give to this organization and I always pay a little more than they are asking.


This trip I made alone and was well-prepared this year. Past experience has taught me well. I had my big suitcase on wheels and three large tote bags, some packing paper and plastic grocery sacks, plus a little tiny purse that slung over my chest to make it easier to manuever with no weight on my neck. I made at least five trips around the horse arena where the main sale is held, looking, studying, admiring, pondering what I would do with the items I saw. One goodie that caught my eye was another huge ottoman (what's up with that?). It's totally different though, as you will see in the picture. Kind of girlie and cute, I walked by over and over, telling myself that if it was still there, I would buy it, then changing my mind, then returning. I finally took the plunge and the treasure was mine! It stayed until I was ready to leave, when this oh-so-"want-to-marry-my-daughter"-hunkie guy came over to take it to the car. I warned him that it was heavy, at which "Hercules" not only picked it up alone, but hoisted it onto one shoulder. Show off. After a bit of fighting with the grandkids' carseats, we managed to get the beauty into my car. I've never met a good piece of junk that I couldn't get into my car, no matter what!
The piece of tape is just the price tag. Isn't she something? I think what attracted me was the uniqueness. I'd never seen anything quite like this before and just fell for it. I think it's a three-tushy seater! 

I got a lot of other treasures as well, most of which will be worked into new pieces of art for sale. Urns for building topiaries in, silver platters for mosaic and hand painting projects, frames for altered art, mirrors and candle holders to be repainted and jazzed up, all in anticipation of the upcoming grand opening of my online store!

So, I wonder what this weekend will bring? More yard sales? A craft festival? Cleaning out my garage so I can have my yard sale? Yep, my money's on that last one. That's ok; I can have fun digging through my own stuff!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! Just a quickie to let you know that I ended up with a herniated disc near my neck and have been keeping pretty still for the last 4 weeks. After going to 3 doctors, having x-rays and an MRI done, this was the conclusion.  Not quite sure how I injured it - whether it was from lifting Jamison or not. Whatever the cause, I hope not to do that again! It was like a giant toothache running along my neck, shoulder and down my right arm - unbelievable pain! I've been on pain medication, muscle relaxants and steroids, practically had the heating pad surgically attached to my back and neck and spent a lot of time in bed, bored. I can't stand to sit still. All I could do was wonder what was going on with my friends online and think of all the projects I wanted to finish for the "grand opening" of my online shop. It was really driving me insane! Let me tell you too, that's a short trip around the block . Anyway, the disc has a chance of healing itself without surgery;  yeah buddy! That's the route I'm going with. My right arm is very weak and my thumb and first 2 fingers of my right hand are numb, but if you don't mind typos, I'm going to get back into the groove of things. Seriously, it could be worse.

So again, thank you all for your well wishes and I'll be posting soon! Love to all =:*
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