Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Our Beautiful and Quirky New Yard!

While searching online for a home, I kept a list of possibilities, along with comments. The first comment I wrote about what would become our new home was "Quirky yard - love it!". That about summed  it up!
These photos were taken before we purchased our home. I'll post updates when they're ready!

LOVE the chartreuse door!

The yard is large in the front and back. There is a gorgeous front porch, brick pathways and patios, vine-covered arbors, little lamp posts, strings of patio lights, bird houses and a large collection of melodious wind chimes. The previous owner was kind enough to leave behind so many charming elements! There's a large hexagon-shaped picnic table with a huge umbrella, a couple of park benches, chairs, porch swings, one in front and one in the back, two cement benches in the front, a bird bath in front and one in back and, as if that wasn't enough, the back yard contains three water features, many potted plants, more bird houses, feeders and, my favorite, a few angel/cherub statues! That, believe it or not, is after she moved out what she wanted to keep!
Wood patio at one end of the back yard. No, the former owner didn't leave those great vintage chairs, but she did leave the tall Adirondak ones!

Brick patio at other end of back yard, complete with hanging swing and chairs

Wood patio, brick walkway to large brick patio with picnic table

Picnic table and grill hut on main brick patio
Oh! There's an out-building! Did I mention the out-building? It is a dream come true! It's huge! I've wanted a separate studio/workshop for so long and never dreamed I'd find one like this! I had so many "must haves" on my house-hunting list that a treasure like that wasn't thought possible. My desk is under the window and once we go through everything that is packed in there right now, I'll be setting up shop again! I can't wait! So many of my art and project supplies are in there and unpacking them will almost be like Christmas!
Studio/Workshop aka The Chick Shack!
Warm weather brought so many wonderful garden surprises! There are roses, hydrangea, red and pink azaleas, white magnolia trees and bushes (I never knew there were magnolia bushes), red amaryllis, star jasmine that smells so fabulous, little tiny yellow climbing roses, daffodils, clusters of cute pink wood sorrel and a variety of day lilies, including white ones. I am sure that I'm forgetting something and there are many bushes, vines and plants that I have yet to identify. It is such a peaceful yard, perfect for relaxing and reflecting. We're making some changes, but keeping that desirable ambiance. 
Huge blue hydrangea bush just like we had in Virginia!

White lilies

Pink azalea

Pink wood sorrel

Red azalea

Pink and white azalea

We really weren't expecting the critters that inhabit our yard! So far, we've been visited by lizards, frogs, an opossum, all varieties of birds, a snail, squirrels, a trash marauding cat who threw chicken all over the back yard and the latest, a snake! We have a deal with most of these creatures - you stay out of the house and you get to live! I have shared the porch swing with a lizard more than once and I think they're cute, but I don't want any of these guys running around the house, going doody on everything and making the dogs crazy!

Little frog

Yes, there is a lizard on that flag!

Carolina chameleon

American anole

Gosh! I feel like there is so much more to tell you about, but this is already way long, especially with all of the photos! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day! 

Hugs, Leena    
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