Friday, January 31, 2014

18th Annual Ground Hog Day Sale At Lucketts Store!

I finally made it! After living in this area since 1984 and missing 17 previous sales for one reason or another, today I attended the Lucketts Store Ground Hog Sale! If you've read other posts, you already know that Lucketts Store is my favorite vintage and junk haunt, yet ironically, I had never had the pleasure of attending this awesome special sale. Today, there were no disappointments!

Peek-a-boo! Ground Hog banners lined the side porch
My daughter and I headed out after the kids had gone to school and were simply giddy with the chance to get out of the house and to do some vintage and junk shopping! The weather was wonderful; in the 40's and mostly sunny! A far cry from the horribly frigid temperatures we've been suffering with. We explored all of the outdoor pavilions, found a few treasures, then headed into the main store for more shopping fun! My back wasn't too happy, so I "tried out" a lot of the chairs that were for sale when I needed a break. There were some really nice chairs there too, but since I've just purchased two new ones, I passed.
Lucketts Store has just about everything - including a kitchen sink or two! We took quite a few pictures with our phones, so I'll let them do most of the talking.

I love old car sections mounted on walls! 52 Chevy Deluxe doors
Old doors and windows are abundant!
Doe, a deer, I see three deer! Vintage garden pets!
    Cute vintage garden guy
        My daughter with one of the awesome sets of lockers. They came in all colors!
Love this sign!
I call him Mr. Big Head

If this weren't so huge, it'd be in my kitchen now!
Squirrel Man Looking Very Dapper!
Fun collection of vintage clocks!
             I swear this water buffalo's eyes follow you everywhere! Check out the great selection of western boots next to him from Boots and Burlap!
Groovy Cat-Eye Glasses with Rhinestones!
Original store Coca-Cola window

Sir Frankie's Seafood and Friends! I want the cow!
The Lady of the Hour - The resident Ground Hog! You never know what she'll be wearing. Today, it was a Sale T-shirt, pink and white pearls and a rhinestone tiara! Isn't she Divine? 
Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about our fun shopping day! If you're in the Leesburg/Lucketts, VA area this weekend, you might want to check out the sale! Saturday and Sunday, 10-5.
Coming next........what we bought!
Hugs, Leena

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Tale of Two Chairs

It was the best of shopping, it was the worst of shopping. No, seriously! For the last two months I have practically driven myself insane (now that's a short trip around the block) trying to decide which chairs to buy for our master suite. We needed one for the bedroom, where I use my lap top, and one for the vanity in the bathroom, to replace our cute little French chair. Why would we replace a cute little French chair? Here's the story:

Jim and I purchased it several years ago at our favorite vintage store and we both loved it! The curvy legs,
the ornate back,
even the gold fabric!
It was the perfect size and just so adorable! I stayed out on the porch with it while he was inside paying and this kid, probably about 10 years old, certainly only enough to know better, came by with his family, jumped up on my chair and started bouncing on it! I asked him to get down because I was purchasing the chair, which solicited quite a look from the child's mother. I guess it wasn't a good sign when a spring flew out of the chair's bottom as Jim carried it to the car! Nonetheless, we brought her home and set her into place and were in love! I was even going to paint the cabinetry to go along with her! Poor thing just seemed jinxed, however. She was showered with red cough syrup as Jim shook the bottle not realizing the cap was lose, more springs and then metal braces continued to fall out of the now split bottom and the fabric began to practically melt before our eyes, splitting in every direction!
Underside of chair-straw like stuffing, collapsed from lack of springs and braces
Upholstery tacks kept showing up on the floor and the seat sunk so low in the middle that I put two large bed pillows on it so we could still sit.
Seat where I had to use pillows
I think that the fabric was just too old and had dry rotted and I'm sure that the bouncing didn't help the springs and braces stay in place. Still, I love her and am planning on attempting to make a solid wood seat for her, tightening her joints (a leg is now falling off) and recovering her in a pretty fabric.
Even in her horrible condition, I still love her!
So, I started a massive online search for a replacement. I had no idea what I wanted to get and made things more confusing by considering painting the rooms - but what color? A nice warm tan? A pretty grey? I like turquoise/aqua accents and of course, pink - my brain was swimming! I even made a Pinterest board so I could keep track of all the chairs that caught my eye and where I'd seen them. I just couldn't decide. Too big, too little, too dark, too busy, too expensive, low customer rating, what color? Oh my aching head! I finally decided upon two neutral chairs that I should be able to use with whatever color I decide to paint, when the time comes. I'll most likely have the same problems looking at paint swatches! Ack!

So here they are - the smaller chair with the script fabric, which I am totally addicted to,  for the vanity and the nice, velvety, comfy ivory chair for the bedroom! Check out her curves!

I do have a question for all you fellow furniture lovers - what happened to chairs with arms? I would have liked actual arms on my bedroom chair and while there are hundreds of pieces out there, and I think I saw them all, most do not have arms! Arms are comfy and cozy to lean up against. I noticed that most were labeled as "occasional" chairs. I guess they only come with arms occasionally.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing my chair-raising, um, hair-raising shopping experience with me!
Hugs, Leena

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Ice Cream!

My mom made this for us when we were little. I think the best part was how magical it seemed that Mom could make something so delicious out of snow! It's a fun treat, especially if you have little ones to share it with!

8 cups snow (you can put a large container out to catch the snow as it falls)
(14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Place snow into a large bowl. Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla. Mix to combine. Serve immediately in bowls.
Thanks for stopping by, stay warm and safe and enjoy!
Hugs, Leena

Saturday, January 4, 2014

500th Blog Post Give Away at Shabbyfufu!!!

Congratulations! Janet at Shabbyfufu has written her 500th blog post! In her usual sweeter than pie way, she's holding a give away to celebrate! Enter by clicking the link below and you could w2in $200 worth of fabulous Shabbyfufu merchandise! A beautiful, ruffled chair cover and one of her gorgeous ruffled throws! It doesn't get much better than this! Thanks for stopping by and good luck!
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