Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spool and China Tealight Tutorial

I really love the way that industrial, rustic pieces look when paired with refined, elegant items. While rummaging around in my office/studio, attempting to organize too much stuff into too little space, I placed some old textile bobbins, or spools, in a box with some china cups and saucers I'd collected. "Hmmm" I thought, "I think I can do something with this combination!" Forget organizing - it was time to get creative! As my brain often times gets ahead of itself, I didn't think to take any pictures of the project until after I'd made two of them, so I created a third with step-by-step photos to share. So, here we go!

First, I gathered all of the basic supplies: E6000 glue, bobbin, china cup and saucer, a scrap of decorative paper, lace scraps, foam brush and Mod Podge (or a craft glue of your choice), hot glue gun (optional)

Using the foam brush, I spread Mod Podge on the back of the decorative paper. I chose this paper because it has the appearance of old, chippy wood. After the Mod Podge was applied, I wrapped the paper around the upper half of the spool (you can wrap the entire spool if you'd like), smoothing out any wrinkles.

Glue Applied To Back-side Of Paper

Paper Wrapped Around Spool
After the paper is in place, dab a small amount of Mod Podge or hot glue to the back to attach your ribbon, lace, cloth or other material of your choice, to the spool, then begin winding it around and up the spool, overlapping slightly so any ruffles and frayed edges show.

When finished, another dab of glue is added to hold the top end in place. Note: this project is very free-formed. You can used as much paper and fabric on the spool as you wish - make it your own creation!
 Set the spool aside and flip your cup over so that you can run a bead of E6000 industrial strength glue around the rim, then place the cup centered onto the saucer. Note: Use E6000 in a well-ventilated area as it stinks and can cause headaches! Please follow all directions when using this product! After the cup and saucer are joined (they will come apart until the glue cures, about 24 hours later, so handle with care), run another bead of glue onto the top of the spool, then center the saucer onto the spool.

Cup and Saucer Glued Together

E6000 Being Applied To Spool

All Pieces Glued Together
As per package instructions, please allow at least 24 hours for the E6000 glue to dry and cure before continuing. (Wait for it......wait for it.....I was going nuts wanting to continue!)

 And now for the real fun! Get out your collection of  blings and things, bits and bobs or whatever you like to call them and try various pieces on your spool until you find what you like. Since I was taking pictures as I went along and wanted to finish, I was unable to move the uncured pieces too much. So, I loosely tied a piece of rawhide string to a silver heart and tried it on for size. I liked the raw leather with the smooth shiny silver, but I may change it once I can handle the piece more. I'm thinking that this piece needs a fluffy ruffle underneath the saucer and perhaps one on the bottom, to add some balance (this spool is smaller than the others I used) and then some bling around the middle.
Box Of Goodies - Blings and Things

Silver Heart With Rawhide String (Going to change this out) Re-Do! Re-Do! LOL!

Here are two finished tea light holders I currently have listed in my Etsy shop. The shorter has script paper and pink lace, the larger has old sheet music and frayed muslin. I need to find more spools to play with now! I have placed flameless tealights into these, however you can also use a regular candle.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tutorial and will give this project a try. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Leena

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Have My Copy ~ Do You?

I was so excited to purchase the newest issue of Romatic Homes Magazine yesterday! I always enjoy the photos and articles in this publication, but this current issue is special because it is the coveted "Flea Market" issue! I had heard about it last year - the news was buzzing all over the Internet, but somehow, I wasn't able to find a copy. Must have been a testament to its popularity. Determined, I headed out yesterday and vowed not to return until the prize was mine! OK, I may be getting carried away just a teensy bit, but I was very happy to find the issue.

When I got home, I took my new treasure out of the bag, clutching it in both hands and silently giggling with glee. I checked the table of contents and saw that the flea markets article started on page 61 and flipped to that page with all the excitement of a child on Christmas! As anticipated, the feature is awesome! It lists 25 of the most fabulous, romantic and vintage flea markets in the country, including full-color pictures that make the heart go pitty-pat! I was also very pleased to see so many familiar names, since I recognized most of the markets from online chatter and have "ooohed" and "aaahed" over photos of each one!

 My only complaint is that none of them are in my area. It's not that shows from my area were left off the list - we just don't really have any! I'm not sure why, as the romantic and vintage decorating motifs are extremely popular here. I keep saying that we live in the wrong part of the country! I've even considered becoming a promoter or event coordinator and starting a flea market - that's how desperate I am to vend and attend a fabulous show! Come on, folks! Pack your bags and bring your shows eastward! We're ready for ya!

Congratulations to all who were listed in the magazine! I am so thrilled to see your hard work and dedication recognized in such a well-read periodical! I wish you continued success and promise that one of these days, I WILL get to your location! Hugs and JUNK ON!

xoxo, Leena

PS - In case you noticed, yes I had my hair all cut off! After growing it out for 2 years, I determined that it was too hot and too much trouble and that I liked it better short!

Photos courtesy of Romantic Homes Magazine

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Shelter Challenge!

It's time for another Shelter Challenge! These contests gather votes and give monetary grants to animal shelters and rescue groups who win certain rounds. Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue is dear to my heart, as it's where we found and adopted our Gilbert and Sullivan. Although our boys have now passed over the Rainbow Bridge (they were 14 and 16) we enjoyed many wonderful years with them and credit OBG for rescuing so many dogs every year through their dedication and hard work! They have been instrumental in locating owners of animals lost during hurricanes and other natural disasters, obtaining adoptive homes for those whose owners cannot be located and rescuing not only cockers, but "honorary" cockers as well (even a cat!). If you would, please take a moment to click on the link below and vote for OBG or a rescue organization of your choice. All animals deserve a second chance at a forever home! While you're there, sign up for a daily email reminder so you can vote every day! That one little click can mean the world to an animal! Thank you so much! Love ya! Leena


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Give-Away At French Country Cottage!

Courtney at French Country Cottage has just announced a wonderful give-away from Nancy's Daily Dish! A $50 gift certificate to use in Nancy's shop of fantastically gorgeous transferware! Just click the link below for all the details and good luck!!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4th (and 3rd) Celebration

I hope that everybody enjoyed a wonderful and safe 4th of July! We spread our celebration out over two days, as we like to set off our own fireworks for the grand babies on the 3rd, and then enjoy the big town fireworks show on the 4th. On the 3rd, we enjoyed big, thick porterhouse steaks, delicious fresh corn on the cob and sweet watermelon before Geegaw (the kids' name for Jim) put on his world famous (well, family famous at least) fireworks extravaganza!

 We always set the display up on the street, after giving the area a good watering down. With the high temperatures and dry conditions, despite some nasty storms, we never want to take chances. The hose stands at the ready, to make sure that everything is extinguished afterwards. Once dark, we drag out our chairs and anticipate the sparkling surprises that Jim has in store for us. It's so much fun as Jamison and Abigail "ooohhh" and "ahhhhh" over all the colors and they're quite comical covering their ears from the loud whistles and booms that some fountains make.
 This year, Jim went all out and bought a HUGE assortment of pyrotechnics. There were fountains that whistled, screamed, banged, boomed, crackled, shot sparks up into the air and changed colors! They were all beautiful and we enjoyed another successful Geegaw fireworks display!

 On the 4th, we packed a picnic and headed out towards the large community park where the town's fabulous show is held annually. I knew exactly where I wanted to lead out little troop, so with my daughter and the kids following, I maneuvered around the traffic (I love knowing all the back roads) and Jim spotted the perfect parking space. It was like we had reserved it, as there were cars all over, except for this one curbside space that was big enough for us both to park. Right across the street and up the hill, we spread our blankets, enjoyed our al fresco meal and listened to the music resonating from the park nearby. I must admit, we stopped attending the park's festivities several years ago because there really wasn't anything to do prior to the fireworks. They have food vendors and music, but it's usually very hot and there is only so long that I want to sit on a blanket before my rump falls asleep. In addition, it takes about two hours to get out of the parking lot afterwards and that's IF you can find your car in the total darkness. LOL! So, we "cheat" like a lot of our fellow community and find an area that's great for viewing, setting up an hour or less before the show starts.

Suddenly, as we were finishing our meal, BOOM! The kids started yelling, "Fireworks! Fireworks!" and Abigail jumped up and did her "totally excited 2-year old" dance. I'll have to video tape this sometime as there is no way that I could accurately describe the various arm waving, hip wiggling, foot stomping gyrations that are accompanied by squeals and giggles. Let's just say it's a real cute crack-up.

The display lasted 20 to 30 minutes and the fireworks were fantastic! There were all colors; green, blue, pink, purple, red, yellow, white, and many shapes, such as stars, smiley faces, things that looked like Saturn, flowers, waterfalls, star bursts and just plain good ol' sparkling explosions. I love to watch the little ones' faces during things like this, as they light up brighter than the fireworks themselves! We "ooohhed", "aaahhed", whistled, cheered and applauded, especially after the "grand finale" when they shot off about 10 HUGE fireworks, one after the other.

Upon arriving home, we always turn the television on to catch the Boston and NYC fireworks shows, which are incredibly awesome, and enjoy ice cream cones. This is something that I always did with my kids and it's fun to continue the tradition with my grandchildren.
Despite the heat and impending storm, we had a wonderful evening together as a family; an American family who is very thankful for the freedoms that our country, and those who fight and have fought for it, provides us. God Bless America!

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend! Stay cool! Hugs, Leena
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