Monday, July 9, 2012

New Shelter Challenge!

It's time for another Shelter Challenge! These contests gather votes and give monetary grants to animal shelters and rescue groups who win certain rounds. Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue is dear to my heart, as it's where we found and adopted our Gilbert and Sullivan. Although our boys have now passed over the Rainbow Bridge (they were 14 and 16) we enjoyed many wonderful years with them and credit OBG for rescuing so many dogs every year through their dedication and hard work! They have been instrumental in locating owners of animals lost during hurricanes and other natural disasters, obtaining adoptive homes for those whose owners cannot be located and rescuing not only cockers, but "honorary" cockers as well (even a cat!). If you would, please take a moment to click on the link below and vote for OBG or a rescue organization of your choice. All animals deserve a second chance at a forever home! While you're there, sign up for a daily email reminder so you can vote every day! That one little click can mean the world to an animal! Thank you so much! Love ya! Leena

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