Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Have My Copy ~ Do You?

I was so excited to purchase the newest issue of Romatic Homes Magazine yesterday! I always enjoy the photos and articles in this publication, but this current issue is special because it is the coveted "Flea Market" issue! I had heard about it last year - the news was buzzing all over the Internet, but somehow, I wasn't able to find a copy. Must have been a testament to its popularity. Determined, I headed out yesterday and vowed not to return until the prize was mine! OK, I may be getting carried away just a teensy bit, but I was very happy to find the issue.

When I got home, I took my new treasure out of the bag, clutching it in both hands and silently giggling with glee. I checked the table of contents and saw that the flea markets article started on page 61 and flipped to that page with all the excitement of a child on Christmas! As anticipated, the feature is awesome! It lists 25 of the most fabulous, romantic and vintage flea markets in the country, including full-color pictures that make the heart go pitty-pat! I was also very pleased to see so many familiar names, since I recognized most of the markets from online chatter and have "ooohed" and "aaahed" over photos of each one!

 My only complaint is that none of them are in my area. It's not that shows from my area were left off the list - we just don't really have any! I'm not sure why, as the romantic and vintage decorating motifs are extremely popular here. I keep saying that we live in the wrong part of the country! I've even considered becoming a promoter or event coordinator and starting a flea market - that's how desperate I am to vend and attend a fabulous show! Come on, folks! Pack your bags and bring your shows eastward! We're ready for ya!

Congratulations to all who were listed in the magazine! I am so thrilled to see your hard work and dedication recognized in such a well-read periodical! I wish you continued success and promise that one of these days, I WILL get to your location! Hugs and JUNK ON!

xoxo, Leena

PS - In case you noticed, yes I had my hair all cut off! After growing it out for 2 years, I determined that it was too hot and too much trouble and that I liked it better short!

Photos courtesy of Romantic Homes Magazine

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