Monday, March 3, 2014

Pink Bling!

I've been meaning to show you the way cool gift my oldest daughter, Brianna, gave me for Christmas! Yes, I know this is March and I don't mean to play "ghost of Christmas past" but I actually just started using it the other day. It's the grooviest cell phone cover! I hadn't used it yet because when we got our new phones in December, Jim purchased these rubber snap-on covers in hot pink, since I wasn't able to get a pink phone. Those covers, however, do not enclose the screen and I was always leery about putting my phone in my purse, for fear the screen would get damaged. Poor Jim had his in his jacket pocket the other day and accidentally hit it against his car - shattered screen! I decided I'd better switch cases before my phone suffered a similar fate.

Here it is - the new case!
This is the inside. Please excuse the flash but it was a very dark day and no matter what angle I tried, I couldn't avoid that glare! The inside is all soft, like velvet and has a plastic base to snap the phone into. And here's the really cool part:
The outside! It's a sparkly pink color with rhinestone embellishments on the corners and on the magnetic strap buckle. Pink and bling - my favorite combination! I'm so happy with the protection it gives my phone and with the snazzy look! She gave Jim a black one and hers has cats on it. They come in all kinds of designs and models to fit just about every smart phone. I must say, this was one of my favorite Christmas gifts!

Thank you for dropping by! I always appreciate your visit!
Hugs, Leena
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