Thursday, April 24, 2014

Honored, Old and Young at Heart

I have some home decor posts in the works, but since it has been so long since we've visited, I thought I'd quickly tell you about a few of life's recent happenings.
First, I hope all enjoyed a festive Easter! We had fun with the little ones dying eggs and they, my daughter and Jim were spoiled by yummy treats in their baskets. I usually play the Easter Bunny, but no, I don't have big ears or a fluffy tail.

Yesterday was a big day for Jamison. The 1st graders get daily reports and earn points which determine if they are on red, yellow, green or blue. Achieving a blue is like getting an excellent on a performance appraisal - it doesn't happen very often. He usually gets a green, which we are proud of. Yesterday, he came running into the house, yelling, "Meemaw! Meemaw! I got my first blue! " We whooped and hollered together; I was so proud of him! He even got an Honor Roll medal which he wore the rest of the day!

Later, Jim and I ran a few errands and our prescriptions were going to take an hour to fill. We decided to spend the time having dinner at IHOP. I saw the crowded parking lot and realized it was Senior Night. There were plenty of tables and I was happy to get my pancakes for dinner. There's just something so fun about having breakfast for dinner! I think it's a leftover from childhood when my mom would serve breakfast when my dad was out of town on business. When Jim asked the waiter about Senior Night, he assumed we were age qualified at 55, which we are, just barely, shudder, but he could have at least acted surprised or carded us or something! The good news?  We got 50% off our check!
The other "good" news? We got free Jello! Gee, had I known we were having Jello, I would have put in my teeth! Just kidding. I still have my teeth.
Today, my daughter had a meeting, so I stayed with Abigail (and Jamison once he came home). She wanted to do silly make-up and hair styles and while I tried to convince her that my hair was too short for ponytail holders, she had other ideas. I gave her 4 ponytails - two in the back and one on each side. I ended up with a little short one on each side and a toopie one on top of my head. Way attractive! We also had blue eye shadow and shiney pink lip gloss. Hard to tell in the picture, but we were two hot babes! We got quite a laugh from her mom when she got home.
So, that's the kind of stuff that goes on around here when I'm not painting, crafting or cleaning. I promise some home decor ramblings very soon! As always, thanks for stopping by!
Hugs, Leena
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