Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Mind Said What?

7:05 am
Good morning all!  I just woke up so confused! I was like, "Is this Saturday? I think it's Saturday.  Oh, yard sales! No, wait, snow on the ground."
Then, glancing at his side of the bed, "Oh! Jim's here. Bathroom's available. Did he get a movie role?" This was an hour after I had originally been awakened with remnants of a weird dream running through my pea brain. The setting was gangster 1920's era.
The plot involved Jim, the cousin of some mob boss guy, who wanted to get into show biz. His cousin was threatening my boss mob boss guy that he'd squeal to the Feds about all his illegal drinking joints if my boss mob boss guy didn't get Jim lined up with at least two movie roles, some voice overs and a couple of commercials. Nevermind the fact that there's no television, so other than the movie roles he'd have to settle for radio work. After a volley of "yeah, yeah, ya see" and other gangster language, I get stuck dragging the lunk (sorry baby, it's a mobster word) around the studios to get him movie roles.
I then became more awake, shook my head with an audible  "what the?" and slept for another hour. Maybe I'd better go back to sleep and post this later. Or, maybe I shouldn't!
In my own defense, I must tell you that Jim has been watching some gangster television show on his Kindle, and while I can't see it, I hear all the dialogue while I watch the Olympics. With that combination, I'm surprised there were no high-flying combination luge/ski jump chases in Model-T's!
The dog has nothing to do with the dream. I just thought he was cool!
Hey, I can't explain them, I just dream them! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Leena

Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Thought Of The Day

Good morning! I love a morning like this! It's about an hour before sunrise and there's already sweet little birds outside, happily chirping away. You'd think it was a warm spring morning instead of the dead of winter and 20 degrees! That's what's so awesome; it places that peppy feeling in my heart, which can fool my head any day!
I hope you find something that gives you a warm, peppy, spring feeling today too!
Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Leena ♡
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