Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Thought Of The Day

Good morning! I love a morning like this! It's about an hour before sunrise and there's already sweet little birds outside, happily chirping away. You'd think it was a warm spring morning instead of the dead of winter and 20 degrees! That's what's so awesome; it places that peppy feeling in my heart, which can fool my head any day!
I hope you find something that gives you a warm, peppy, spring feeling today too!
Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Leena ♡


  1. A beautiful thought, Leena. We're in the minus degrees today, but, I'm thankful for a warm home, and, lots to do.

  2. We had sun today and even though it didn't get much above zero it felt Springy because the sun was out. xo Diana

  3. A bird! I remember those! LOL!




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