Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play Ball!

Finally, after months of cold weather and watching sports that really aren't my favorite, it's here! Today is Opening Day for Baseball! The MLB is back, Baaaaaaaaa-by! I am just so excited. My Atlanta Braves play my area's Washington Nationals is less than an hour. I knew I should have had tv put in my office! Hmmm it may be a rather slow work afternoon. Popcorn! I need popcorn! This is going to be great! Take me out to the ball game - Holy Cow! I Love Baseball!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today's Smile

This morning, I heard a perky little bird singing away as it happily welcomed the dawn. Listening closer, it sounded to me as if the little one was saying, "Cheeburger! Cheeburger!" Soon after, I could have sworn I heard another join in with, "Cheeps! Cheeps!" So far, I have not noticed any of my feathered friends announcing, "No Coke, Pepsi!" but if I do, I'll certainly let you know!

It put a smile on my face and a rumbly in my tumbly - made me hungry!

Smile! It makes others wonder what you've been up to!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Stuff!

Be sure to check out my Projects and Out and About pages for new entries! Here's a sneak peak preview:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

License to Thrill!

Oh My Gosh, it's here! It's finally here! I've been waiting for this most of my life and now it's really, really here! I just received my retail merchants business license! Pink Cherub Moon is now officially a licensed business! My crafting, art projects and vintage treasure revivals will no longer be a hobby that I sell, but rather, my job! My company! My dream! This feels so great; to have finally gotten up the courage and confidence to "go for it" and become a "real" business. I've sold online for many years and within a local shop, but it never quite felt as fulfilling as I imagined owning my own business would. I'd often dreamt of having a quaint little place, selling assorted treasures and being a "purveyor of junk" as I used to call it, and with the Internet, turning this dream into a reality has become a bit more feasible, since I no longer have to rent or own a store-front. I'm just giddy and giggly, I'm so excited! Now, to get merchandise into Etsy for starters, then, possibly my own web site (I am currently reading "Web Sites For Dummies"). OK, exhale. Phew! As you can see, my enthusiasm for my long-time passion is a bit out of control right now - isn't it great? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! 

Flip Flop 'Til Ya Drop!

It's coming. I can feel it. We may suffer through a few set-backs in temperature, but I know it's on its way. What is it? SPRING! Spring is almost here! I can feel it in my toes. In fact, the other day when it was 79 degrees, I did just that - felt it in my toes. Well, sort of. A lot of people who know me also know that I have two favorite footwear categories - boots of all shapes, styles and sizes for winter and flip flops of all colors and patterns for any month where the temperature is above 60 degrees! I believe my love for the rubber shoes began when I was a child, living the majority of my summer days at the pool. Naturally, the shoes for pool-side were flip flops. I wore them all summer; in fact, I dreaded the annual "back to school shoe buying trip" because it meant I was going to have to squeeze my free-spirited, don't fence me in, born free toes into a stiff leather foot prison. Oh, don't get me wrong, I appreciated the new shoes and my mom always said that my feet would get used to wearing them again, but I really don't think that they ever did.

So, with the annual arrival of Spring Fever, I repeatedly checked the weather reports for a day worthy of this momentous occurrence - The First Official Wearing Of The Flip Flops Day! You know? Hallmark should make a card for this. And, just like those shoe buying trips so long ago, there is usually the purchase of a new addition to my collection to add to the pomp and circumstance. This year's acquisition is rather special, not your typical flip flop: 
I fell in love with the pink and black zebra stripes!

I must admit that I was a little disappointed with the selection at first.  There were some really sweet ones with glitter on the uppers, or stars or studs, but they were all for little people feet and since my grand baby Abigail isn't old enough to wear them, I had to sadly pass them by. Then, I spotted the pair pictured above and went, "oooOOOooo! These are the ones!" I thoroughly enjoyed wearing them last weekend for that one, fleeting day and I know that Mother Nature can't remain stingy with the arrival of spring much longer. There will soon be days to wear them all! My garden of flip flops will burst into color upon my happy feet and I shall do a little dance as I kick my shoes to the back of the closet, joyously embracing the wind between my toes and the ecstasy of the feet once more! Happy Spring to all!
Flip Flop Flower

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20 Things I Love About Spring

 1.  The sweetly scented fresh air dancing through open windows  2.  Watching the bulbs peek their heads out as the gardens come back to life
 3.  Playing outside with my grandchildren
 4.  Daylight Savings Time = more time in the sun
 5.  Painting and refinishing furniture and projects outside
 6.  The revitalized energy I feel
 7.  Seeing how the landscape changes every day
 8.  The songs of the birds joyfully announcing their return
 9.  The first sighting of our hummingbirds
10. Lounging on the screen porch with my husband
11. Knowing that the farmers' market will soon be filled with glorious fresh veggies and fruits
12. Cooking on the grill
13. Making sun tea
14. Enjoying the antics of the local bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks
15. Dining al fresco
16. The purchase of this year's new pair of flip flops
17. Tossing my shoes into the closet and wearing those flip flops
18. Seeing the high school students all dressed up, headed off to proms and remembering those days fondly
19. Spring cleaning and organizing - making everything shiney and new
20. The return of yard sales!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today's Smile

This morning, I was busily putting away loads and loads of laundry, as well as organizing our bedroom closet a bit, when I mentioned how boring this task was to my darling husband. Soon after, he headed out to Dunkin Donuts and brought me back a wonderful, big cup of their fabulous coffee and a rich, gooey, sinful Boston cream donut! We sat together, sharing the dull task, enjoying our treats and chatting, while watching home decorating shows and the Red Sox game. It was such a nice moment that stretched into a couple of hours. We enjoy each other's company so much, but often don't have time to sit in the quiet, engulfed in conversation, just the two of us. It made me all smilie on the inside and out! I cherished every minute of our "time out" and to think that it all started with something as simple as coffee and a donut!

It doesn't take much to make a person smile. Any day, any unexciting event, can be turned around with a kind gesture, a reassuring touch or by sharing time with a loved-one. Life is so precious; make sure you take time to share a smile with someone you care about as often as you can. It feels great! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Abigail Rose!

 My sweet, adorable, diva grandbaby just turned 1 on February 25th. I can't believe it's been a year since I saw that tiny little cutie come into the world! Since then, she has filled every life she touches with joy, laughter, smiles and love. She is a true blessing and we all love her to pieces! Even her big brother can't get enough of her! Thank Heaven for little girls!

Me holding Abigail Rose as soon as she was born, 25 Feb 2010


One Year later, the Birthday Princess in all her glory!

Today's Smile

I love vintage things, flowers, this old bike - so I put together this little snap shot. Sometimes the simplest things can make us smile so big! Hope you're having a great day!! ~Leena~
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