Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today's Smile

This morning, I was busily putting away loads and loads of laundry, as well as organizing our bedroom closet a bit, when I mentioned how boring this task was to my darling husband. Soon after, he headed out to Dunkin Donuts and brought me back a wonderful, big cup of their fabulous coffee and a rich, gooey, sinful Boston cream donut! We sat together, sharing the dull task, enjoying our treats and chatting, while watching home decorating shows and the Red Sox game. It was such a nice moment that stretched into a couple of hours. We enjoy each other's company so much, but often don't have time to sit in the quiet, engulfed in conversation, just the two of us. It made me all smilie on the inside and out! I cherished every minute of our "time out" and to think that it all started with something as simple as coffee and a donut!

It doesn't take much to make a person smile. Any day, any unexciting event, can be turned around with a kind gesture, a reassuring touch or by sharing time with a loved-one. Life is so precious; make sure you take time to share a smile with someone you care about as often as you can. It feels great! 


  1. Hi Leena. I found your post thru the BGC blog hop! I love your blog! Just beautiful and I haven't even gotten to the other pages...yet! This post touched my heart. I too believe that it's the little things that can make someone smile or change a day. You have great perspective and thanks for sharing yourself.

  2. Aw Rasz! Now you made me smile! Thanx for reading and have a wonderful day!


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