Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20 Things I Love About Spring

 1.  The sweetly scented fresh air dancing through open windows  2.  Watching the bulbs peek their heads out as the gardens come back to life
 3.  Playing outside with my grandchildren
 4.  Daylight Savings Time = more time in the sun
 5.  Painting and refinishing furniture and projects outside
 6.  The revitalized energy I feel
 7.  Seeing how the landscape changes every day
 8.  The songs of the birds joyfully announcing their return
 9.  The first sighting of our hummingbirds
10. Lounging on the screen porch with my husband
11. Knowing that the farmers' market will soon be filled with glorious fresh veggies and fruits
12. Cooking on the grill
13. Making sun tea
14. Enjoying the antics of the local bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks
15. Dining al fresco
16. The purchase of this year's new pair of flip flops
17. Tossing my shoes into the closet and wearing those flip flops
18. Seeing the high school students all dressed up, headed off to proms and remembering those days fondly
19. Spring cleaning and organizing - making everything shiney and new
20. The return of yard sales!!!

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