Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well, here I am, making another attempt at blogging something worth reading. I never realized how boring my life had become until I tried to find interesting things to write about it. It Actually isn't that boring, just selectively interesting. I've been spending time trying to figure out this entire new social networking stuff. It seems that the capabilities of it are astounding, but I've yet to exactly determine how to use it to my best advantage. there's Face Book, Twitter, this Blog, then you can link this to that and that to this other thing and that's when I lose it! Guess I'll just have to spend more time studying it. At this rate, I'll finally have it all figured out just in time for them to introduce all new versions and it'll be back to the old drawing board for me!

I've really been trying to read other folks' Face Books and blogs to see how they have put together their businesses. I've always wanted to be a "purveyor of junque" and figure that this is the best time of my life to finally make that dream a reality. I refinish furniture as well as take cast offs and old thing-a-ma-gigs and give them new life, either restoring them to their original form and use or, better yet, making some completely new item with a new function out of them. Often, I use decorative painting to highlight these home decor items, along with faux finishes and distressing to furniture. I love the visual history of old time-worn items, shabby chic and romantic looking, they just make my heart happy!

I have been a vendor at a local shop for several years now, and am in the midst of expanding my line of offerings. I also sell on eBay once in a while, but would really like to have my own web site to sell from. I have absolutely no idea how to make a logo or a nice artistic page design (been trying to get my graphic artist talented daughter to help), so seriously, if anybody has any pointers, I would really appreciate them!

Guess that about wraps things up for now. I hope that you've enjoyed reading a little bit about me and my life and look forward to sharing your thoughts and lives too! Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Leena, aka Pink*Cherub*Moon

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