Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas - It's Not Just Red And Green Any More!

In August of 2007, my mother suddenly passed away. That following Christmas, it was so difficult to get up any type of holiday cheer or spirit, but since we had a new grandson (born in July) I wanted to make sure that his first Christmas was full of fun, laughter, decorations and memories (even if he didn't remember it, we would). I went to the local craft store, in search of some inspiration. Looking at all the sparkly decorations made me quite anxious, missing all the special touches my mom always put into the holiday. I considered leaving, but told myself that I had to keep things together and find something positive to occupy myself with. How about a craft project? What about a new wreath for the front door? Upon looking at the aisle with the floral picks and other decorations, I suddenly had this giddy feeling come over me, unlike that of a child in a candy shop. I saw all the colors - purple, pink, silver, gold, white! That was all it took to decide that if I was going to celebrate, I was going to put my own twist and flair into it. I ended up with a variety of decorations for my wreath and I didn't care if it wasn't traditional by other folks' standards. It made me smile and I know that my mom would have gotten a kick out of it as well. She knew I was always the quirky, artsy one of the family with the wild sense of humor.

Isn't she cool? Works well against the burgundy door too!
 Recently, I added to my whimsical holiday happiness, purchasing a fuzzy little pink tree last year. Again, I was in the same craft store when I spotted this tree on display. I literally laughed out loud, it tickled me so much. I looked at it, said no, walked away, came back, looked at it again - oh I just had to have it! I figured that anything that makes you laugh with such joy is a must have! There was that giddy little kid again, trooping out of the store with her treasure. My little pink tree ended up on the mantle, along with pink candles, silver, gold and white decorations, two of my cherubs and white lights with white garland. My family members chuckle but I really think that they like this new trend almost as much as I do.

You can see most of the mantle in this picture

I LOVE my fuzzy little pink tree!
 So, now I'm thinking that this year, I need one of those white trees to put pink and purple decorations on, maybe other colors too! I once saw a tree with copper and turquoise-colored ornaments and it was breathtaking! I've also seen chartreuse, black, white and silver - stunning! I guess that my point is, don't be afraid to try something new, to let your inner child out and to experiment with uncommon ideas. Crazy colors, animal prints, metallics - whatever your heart desires can become new holiday favorites for you and your family. Have fun, giggle lots and enjoy! ~Leena~

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