Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Snowing!

We are in the midst of our first official "big"snow storm right now. It's snowing pretty hard, piling up quickly. According to news reports, we should get 10 inches, but I never put a lot of faith into the forecast, so will just have to wait and see. After last year's blizzards, we really aren't in much of a mood for dealing with the white stuff, but it sure is pretty to look at!
Snow coming down hard!

Immediately sticking to everything!

Even my dog Sullivan, who was less than amused! He doesn't like the cold


  1. wow! look at all of that snow! it hasn't really snowed in San Antonio since the mid 80's. how sad is that.
    anyways, i hope that you are staying dry & warm!

  2. Thanx Amy! We had quite a rainfall lastnight, which melted some of it, then it was in the 50's today! Now the temp is headed to the 30's or 20's and it's really windy! Hope that if you never get any snow, you at least get some nice sunshine! =:)


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