Friday, January 21, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Yikes! Today, it is windy, VERY windy, like batten down the hatches windy! It's also cold - in the 30's and dropping to the 20's this afternoon! However, on the plus side, the sun is shining, which hasn't been the case for a while, it's Friday, which always puts a little extra zing into a person's step and, the wind causes my chimes on the porch to play their sweet music, which always makes me smile. What will make you smile today? I'm sure something will. Look for a brighter side; a simple pleasure today. I know you'll find one! Happy Smiling! Hugs ~Leena~


  1. Reading your blog makes me smile -- every single time! = ) See?

  2. Aww you always make me smile too, see? =:)


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