Friday, February 11, 2011

3 AM Silliness

I often wake up during the night with the strangest thoughts. Silly things mostly. I used to write and host game shows on AOL and would usually get my best inspiration for a game during the middle of the night. 3AM seems particularly creative and the other night, I came up with the following. Please humor me. We can't all be rocket scientists or brain surgeons, right?

Sung to the tune of "Oh My Darlin', Clementine"

Oh my darlin', it's alarmin'!
There's a wedge of lime right here.
In the neck of my Corona,
Is a wedge of lime, I fear.

Oh my darlin', call a farman!
It's not charmin', it's not cute.
This lime in my Corona,
Is a bully, it's a brute!

Tried to squoosh it, tried to push it,
But that wedge of lime won't move!
If I can't drink my Corona,
How can I get in my groove?

How it taunts me, oh it haunts me!
This nasty piece of fruit!
Need more leverage, or my beverage
Drinkin' days have gone kapoot!

Have an idea, struck me right here,
It's pure genius, I must say!
Instead of drinkin' this Corona,
Give me brewed in the USA!

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