Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Trip - The Saga Continues

She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini. Not really. It's not quite warm enough for such attire! Here we are, Day Two, 18 April, 2011, continuing to enjoy our time in Ocean City. As I write this, I have the door to our room open and am drinking in the invigorating sound of the waves as they roar to the shore. I never get tired of that sound! Down on the beach, there are a few children running in and out of the water (I know it HAS to be COLD) and some surfers looking to catch that perfect swell, while the gulls hover nearby, awaiting their dinner. Perfect. I could get very used to this!

The sun came up among cloudy skies this morning, but I wanted to take a pic and share it anyway. There's something magical about watching the sun rise over the horizon. Streaks of yellow, red and pink first appear, then, as they elongate, suddenly, the sun begins to show, appearing like a fire ball over the ocean.
Within mere minutes, the full sun is up, the beach is no longer dark and people begin to stir. I think that some of the biggest fans of the off-season are the doggie tourists, who frolic and chase the waves and gulls. They aren't allowed on the beach during the summer. I've often thought of bringing Sullivan, but he is such a water-a-phobe. He doesn't even like rain so I imagine that crashing waves chasing after him would cause a bit of a freak-out! 

We took it pretty easy today, enjoying our time together and our surroundings. We're always so busy at home, that it's hard not to have a schedule of things to do, but it didn't take long for us to realize that we could just sit on our rumps for a little while, without the world crashing. In the evening, we headed out to one of our favorite dinner spots, JR's. They have the best, I mean the BEST crab cakes in the world! There are always several groups of golfers in town at this time of year, and listening to their golf stories while attempting to out-do each others' golfing prowess is rather entertaining.

Tummies happy and full, Jim and I picked up a few supplies at the store, then headed over to Ocean Downs, a harness-racing facility that recently installed slot machines. I love slot machines! I am very good, however, and never let the "one-armed bandit" take all of my money. If I should happen to win anything, I cash out, say "thank you" to the machine and tell Jim, "I'm done". We have been to Vegas twice and go to Charlestown, West Virginia several times, but I have never experienced the BIG WIN. I want to win enough to make all the bells, lights and whistles go off and have an attendant come over to give me my money. I'd even be happy, well, willing, to pay the taxes on it just for the thrill of that one win! I did pretty well this time, putting $40 into a machine and hitting the bonus spins for enough to, after about 90 minutes of fun, pull $71 out and be done for the night. I was excited and took a picture of my machine:

Wish I'd won that progressive jackpot showing at the top!

I think I would have done better, if a manager hadn't come over and told me that pictures were not allowed. He yoinked my mojo! LOL! Oh well, we returned to our hotel, admired the moon, then settled in for the night. Tomorrow is yet another opportunity and enjoy and be thankful for this trip! Talk to you soon!

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