Saturday, May 21, 2011


After days of rummaging through the house, unearthing and unpacking forgotten treasures and making those "oh so difficult" decisions over what to part with, today was the day it all came together - our neighborhood yard sale! I was up early, very early. In fact, I'm kind of wondering why, after a 5:30am rising time, dragging everything out and setting up, standing out in the sun for 7 hours and putting the leftovers away, I'm still awake and haven't made it to napland? It's simple; I promised folks that I would post pictures and let them know how the sale went!

We did pretty well, despite the HUGE amount of competition in our town. It seems as though every neighborhood waited until today to have their sale! To make things more difficult, our association didn't run an ad in the paper like the others did. So, being the resourceful people that we are, we put out signs, listed items on Craig's List and brought in a pretty good crowd. My daughter bought bright, neon-colored poster board and made signs for the front and back of her car, then parked it up on the main road. Another sign went on my car right at the front of our street. BIG arrows guided bargain hunters to our location, which was very helpful since we are at the back of the community.

The weather was perfect! After so much rain, we had bright sunshine and very warm temps (in the 80's) which, while I would have liked it a little cooler, made for a great day to be outdoors! I had to attend to customers, however, and ignore the weeds I kept seeing since I was outside for so long. It seems that they are both flood and drought tolerant so I can always count on them being there until I yank their nasty little selves out of my flower beds. To guard against the sun, I wore my big straw hat which I purchased during our recent trip to the beach. I also had my trusty sunglasses and bib apron with deep pockets for money, tape, pens, etc. I may look like a goober, but I was shaded and prepared! LOL

Not exactly what you would call a yard sale fashionista, but the purpose was served - LOL!

We had quite an assortment of wares to offer - baby clothes and goods, old oil paintings from my aunt's collection, quilts, antique embroidered linens, wall sconces, craft supplies, fabric, my daughter's doll collection from countries around the world, a ceiling fan we never took out of the box, framed cross-stitch pieces, dishes - all manner of stuff.

I didn't get a picture of the entire set before a neighbor snatched part of it up and headed for home with it

I sold a white wicker patio set made up of two chairs and a settee, two of the oil paintings, an antique child's chair with a cane seat and back (I loved that piece!) and other assorted goodies. My daughter sold a lot of baby girl clothes for the tiniest little 9 week old baby girl, along with some toys and video games. We both made slightly under $100; not as much as we would have liked to make, but we cleared out some of the house and put aside a lot of the leftovers for charity, so it was a good day.

Jim and I found time to sneak off and tour the neighborhood sales (I think he was afraid that I would go into withdrawal if I didn't go to any sales today) and I bought a really cool bench, a stool to decorate and two gorgeous candle sconces. They're still in his car as I write this, so I'll have to post pics of them a little later on. Our grandson, Jamison, got a world globe that "Geegaw" bought for him and enjoyed the day playing up and down our pipe stem with the other kids, while my trusty yard sale diva was at my side. Abigail is very good at convincing people that her cuteness means they should spend more money

We plan to have another sale in the fall, when I'll drag out the leftovers along with holiday decorations from our way over-sized collection of Halloween and Christmas items. For now, I'm loving how purging some items always makes me feel liberated and my house renewed. Looking forward to next weekend's sales! Thanks for stopping by and, happy sales, to you, until we meet again! Love ya! ~Leena~

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