Friday, July 8, 2011

Thrifty Temptations

I was out thrifting today, searching for more project inspiration, when something extraordinary happened. As I wheeled my cart of found objects around the shop, there he was, looking so elegant, so dapper. He was the semi-rugged type, not too harsh, but definitely manly, with big, dark eyes. Oh, those eyes, how they taunted me, seeming to follow me everywhere! I tried to look away, but I was caught in his spell and found myself gazing at him once more. Everything in my entire being told me to stay away, but despite my silent objections, I slowly walked closer, then closer still, until I was standing right in front of him! I cautiously looked up, fearing that if I dared to gaze into his eyes, I'd be lost forever, but again, I was drawn like a moth to a flame, and I slowly raised my head until our eyes met. A smile came across his face as he spoke. "Bonjour Madam" he said, with a French accent. A French accent! Handsome, dark, mysterious eyes, a snappy dresser and now this? A FRENCH ACCENT? How was I to resist his charms now? Fearing all was lost, I quickly gathered my composure, bid him a fond afternoon and slipped into another aisle. "What has come over me?", I queried, "Did that just happen?". However, before I could ponder the situation too much, the feeling of being watched overtook me and, as once before, I was compelled to approach the stranger. "What is it you want from me? I shrieked. "Why must you torment me so?" He then asked the question. I mean, THE question! "May I come back to your place, Ma Cher?" Shocked and gasping, my mind raced with a million thoughts. "I'm a happily married woman! How could I even consider such a thing? Jim is going to think I'm crazy if I show up with him. What would the neighbors think?" Ultimately, I just couldn't resist him any more. I lifted him up, shoved him under my arm and said, "Let's go home before I spend any more money!"

Here he is!

Isn't he just the cutest thing?
LOL! Had you going for a while, didn't I? The woman at the store said he was supposed to have a chalk board in his hands (which would explain the rather large holes in each) and she was sure she'd seen it come in, so she would check and I'm to give her a call tomorrow. Meanwhile, I took a red and white cloth napkin, folded it and shoved it (ever so gently) into each hand hole. For now, it's working and if the missing chalk board isn't found, I'll come up with something else. I seriously did walk away from him, glance back across the aisles and return to take him. Not sure what the attraction is, but he just had to be mine! Too silly!

Here he is in his new home, the corner behind my kitchen sink

Enjoy your day, no matter what "mystery" awaits! Hugs and Smoochies, ~Leena~

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  1. You are so funny and a good writer! Your French rooster is adorable! I see why he had to come home with I think he looks cute holding the red and white napkin.



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