Saturday, September 10, 2011

There's Something You Don't Hear Every Day!

Jim and I are into the middle of our third weekend of taking care of our grand babies while my daughter is away. We have 2 and a half weekends left to test our sanity. Don't get me wrong; we love our lil ones and would do anything for them. They are the lights of our lives. It's just that, since they and their mother live here, we are always on "Meemaw and Geegaw" alert. Just yesterday, someone said to me, "One of the best things about grand kids is that when you get tired of playing, they go home". This, however, is not true in our case as this IS home LOL! It's great having them around though, as we get to share so much that we probably wouldn't have the chance to if they lived somewhere else, and we always know that no matter what's going on, one of those bright-eyed smiles and giggle-fests will make our day so much better!

I have noticed that when you have a 4 year old and an 18 month old in the house, you say things that "normal" people don't. I thought I'd share a few of these little gems with you. Hope they give you a chuckle!

*The baby's wearing a thong around her neck and is missing a shoe!
*Please don't barf,  you'll make Geegaw throw up!
*No, you can't ride the dog like a horse.
*Because dogs are allowed to go potty outside but people aren't!
*Get your head out of there before it gets stuck!
*Can we talk some more after Meemaw's finished going potty?
*Underwear is for your bottom, not your head.
*Nobody wants to see that - put your pants back on.
*My shirt is not a Kleenex!

Do we have fun or what? Yes, we really do LOL! Have a fun day! Hugs, ~Leena
Jamison-Bottoms Up!

Abigail Rose-Pink Diva

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