Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year, New Word

I was just reading Beki Hastings's blog, The Rusted Chain, and she suggested assigning a word to the new year. This word would have meaning, would help shape and define the coming year and how we deal with life on a daily basis. I've always referred to certain words to inspire me, to cheer me up or to motivate me. For 2012, I think I will concentrate on the word BELIEVE

I shall believe in myself and my abilities; in my faith and in the knowledge that I am following the path that I am meant to take. I will believe in my strengths when I feel weak, in my intelligence when I feel foolish, in my individuality when I feel odd. I will strongly believe in who I am, no matter if others feel I should be different. I am me, the only person I know how to be, and I believe that is just fine. I shall continue to believe that growth comes from taking chances, that opportunities present themselves more to open minds than to closed ones and that each day is a chance to make everything new. word for 2012. I believe I like it!
Take care and thank you for stopping by, dear friends! Hugs, Leena
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