Saturday, February 18, 2012

$100 Give-Away From Post Road Vintage-Ends Sunday

 Post Road Vintage, via French Larkspur, is having a FAB and oh-so-generous give-away for a $100 gift certificate towards any of Heather's beautiful creations in her shop! I just found out about this contest and there isn't much time to enter - it ends tomorrow (Sunday) at midnight! So please, click on the link and head on over to take a chance! While you're there, check out French Larkspur's gorgeous blog!


  1. Hi Leena,
    I've just discovered your blog following a comment you left somewhere. Found your blog name intriguing so am now here.
    will be back again.

  2. thank you for stopping by! This looks like a great giveaway, thank you I am headed there now!


  3. Hi and Thank You Leena for visiting and for your kind words.
    They are truly very nice to meet you and I look forward to visiting you as well.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Hi Leena!
    Ya know the other day I was letting my dogs out through my french doors when I noticed some little black specks...They were ants coming in!! YUCKO!! I pulled out the wasp killer and probably polluted my whole house *winks* But girl those ants were dead! So how goes it with the mice? And aren't you glad it isn't ants?

    And don'tcha just love when the shopping angels are looking out for you? I just couldn't believe my luck that shopping day! I'm still reeling from it a little *winks* Vanna

  5. I do love these mason jar soap dispensers. They are fabulous.

  6. I love your blog, you are so positive and uplifting. It is a pleasure to "know" you both here and on facebook. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love seeing all the things you do as well, I never sit idle either.


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