Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quackers and Cluckers

I saw this ad in the paper the other day and got all excited:

No, it's not for ladies night at some swank club. It's the time of year when the Tractor Supply store sells baby chicks and ducklings! Jim needed more wrap for his foot, so he decided that we should go and play with the chickies. It seemed like a nice little outing for him and not too strenuous. Besides, who can resist those adorable little fur balls? First, we picked out these snazzy new bandages:

I'm really partial to the pink zebra stripes! Then we followed the distinctive sounds of the "peep peep" to where the little ones were. They were so cute! I reached my hand down into the big metal pale that housed the ducklings and they immediately rushed over, pecking at my hand for food. One climbed right into my palm and I lifted him up for a quick snuggle. What a darling yellow ball of warm fuzzy fluff!

There were several types of chicks - pale yellow, dark yellow, red, black. I don't know what they are all called, but each one was busily chirping and wanting attention, and they sure were getting it! There were several small children hovering around, captivated by these little ones. Many of them had probably never seen a real chicken or duck before.

 I have several Internet and blog land friends who have chickens and I love seeing their pictures, strolling around the gardens, hanging out in their cute coops and I believe that many are considered family members, as is the case with dogs and cats. If I were fortunate enough to be in an area where chickens and ducks were allowed, mine would be the same way. They wouldn't be livestock - they'd be fuzzy feathered family members! It's a good thing they aren't permitted. This place is  enough of a zoo already!

Thank you for stopping by today and enjoy a Happy Easter and Wonderful Spring!
Hugs, Leena

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