Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yard Sale or Bust!

It was finally time today! The official start of our yard sale season! Yay! One of my favorite annual community sales was held today and I was so excited! This is a fairly large neighborhood and most years, tons of residents participate and the treasures are bountiful! Oh boy, lemme at 'em! I pulled into the community and, huh? Where is everybody? Where are all the sales? I followed a few signs and found sales, but nothing like the norm. There were tons of baby and children things (we don't need any more of that stuff around here) and some people who must just like to sit outside in the 49 degree, cloudy weather because all they had was a rack of clothing or a table of old glassware. Here's the thing - I never even got out of my car! Gasp! I was so bummed! I really hope that it was the chilly weather that kept folks inside and that future sales in other areas will be plentiful and productive! I ended up going to two thrift stores - bought a vase and picture frame at each, along with a big set of salt and pepper shakers at one. The first vase is large and an aqua color, kind of like the shade of a Mason jar. I am cutting lilacs from our garden for the kitchen table. I think that the pretty purple and aqua will go nicely together. The second vase is smaller, more like a rose bowl and is pale pink with a fluted or pie crust edge. It is currently sitting on my bedside table, holding the beautiful bouquet my daughter surprised me with the other day. All pinks and purples and burgundy and chartreuse flowers - so pretty! It's the only thing I've taken a picture of as of yet and will include it in this post.

The two picture frames will be revamped for my shop, with or without art in them (I haven't decided yet). The salt and pepper shakers are really neat - one is deep red and the other is off-white and they have a little Fleur de lis design on them. We needed some bigger ones and while I wish that they were both the same color, at least we will be able to tell which is which now! The remained of the day was spent hanging out with my favorite loves, Jim and Mr. Sullivan, cocker spaniel esquire. We watched some TV, dozed a little, chatted and had a nice, quiet day. That's a rare thing!

I so hope that you had a great Saturday and that if you were out treasure hunting, you made out better than I did! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you so much for stopping by! Hugs, Leena


  1. I'm sorry that the neighborhood sale was so disappointing! I know how that goes...makes me appreciate the really good sales! hahaaa!
    It's nice that you found the silver lining ...I love that about you!
    Your floral arrangement is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Leena, Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. Love to know of another blogger here in Leesburg. Might be fun to meet up sometime if you're game. Yard sale in Woodlea this weekend where I live. I'm "liquidating" if you want to stop by on Diskin Place.
    Mary Alice


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