Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Crazy Critters!

I swear, Dr. Doolittle has been on the crazy train to la la land lately, or something! We have had so many weird animal encounters recently that I'm beginning to think that we really DO live in a zoo! Let's see, there's the moth that got in the bedroom and insisted upon landing on Jim's head and face, repeatedly and the fire fly that perched on Abigail's nose, then blinked and walked all over her face, making he cross-eyed as she tried to watch it. The other day, Jim walked out to the back yard and was immediately attacked by four robins, screaming and diving at his head! I think that they were moving their babies and were upset that he had disturbed them. The other night, it was the frog peeking in the windows next to our front door. We've lived here 9 years and I've never seen one frog before! Yesterday, I was mowing the lawn and as I worked along the fence, a tiny baby rabbit ran through it and right in front of the mower! He headed towards the deck and stood there for a while looking at me. I was so happy that I'd seen him! Today, as we were headed to Jim's appointment at the Wound Clinic, a huge "thing" swooped in front of my car. It was a turkey buzzard joining his group of friends who were hanging around the drainage ditch by the side of the road. These things are gigantic and SO ugly! After the appointment, we spotted three deer in some body's front yard on the other side of town. I stopped to take their picture and they just went about their business, like dining in a neighborhood front yard was an every day occurrence.
This afternoon, I was in my backyard and spotted two bunnies eating on my neighbor's front lawn. They too did not seem disturbed at having their pictures taken. We have a lot of bunnies around here, but usually don't see them until nightfall.

I don't know the reason for all of these recent sightings - full moon over Critter Country? Whatever it is, it's fun to see them, even entertaining at times. Well, unless they're trying to peck your head. Jim wasn't so amused by that one!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Leena


  1. Wow, you have definitely been having close encounters with nature. How fun. Although, I must say I am not a fan of turkey buzzards. :)

  2. We just got a wildlife exemption at the ranch, so we now keep track of all the critters we see, and there's a lot. But the most disturbing was a ginormous scorpion we found walking across my daughter's pillow while she was in bed!! It was dark and at least 3 inches long, much bigger than the scorpions we normally see. Yikes, and there is a large mouse (okay probably rat) living in our attic, and every attempt of ours to get rid of it has failed so far.


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