Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Favorite Neighbors

We have these really nice neighbors that Jim and I love to see when we're out. They live about half a mile away and we often pass by their property. They're very polite, friendly, they don't make much noise, although we do hear them every once in a while. At least they don't throw loud parties and forget to invite us! LOL! We were driving by the other day and they were out in their large yard, so we stopped for a quick visit and to take their pictures.

Aren't they sweet? The one came over to greet me and check out my cell phone that I was taking pictures with. Then I gave him some grass to eat and he went about his business. Jim was a little afraid of his horns, but I love cows so never gave it a thought. The other two greeted us from a distance and continued eating. I guess we caught them during their lunch break. I love sitting outside on days when they are particularly active and vocal. I can hear their "moos", which always makes me smile.

I hope that you have some nice neighbors nearby that make you smile too! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day! Moo! Hugs, Leena


  1. Hi Leena,
    Nice neighbors! We have cows about a half a mile away too, I hear them every once in awhile late at night when all the neighbors who live between us are quiet, haha! I used to have horses for neighbors... best neighbors ever!

  2. Hi Lenna, what sweet neighbors you have! We have some too not that far from us and also horses!! Hope you're having a wonderful day, Gail


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