Monday, October 29, 2012

Tag Sale Treasures

In my last post, I said I would show you the goodies I found at the town-wide tag sale "tomorrow". Well, "tomorrow" didn't exactly happen the way I'd intended. You know how it is; schedules get rearranged, priorities shift and we don't always get to do what we had planned. I can get a ton of things done during the course of a day, but not one of them from my to-do list! I guess that flexibility is key to sanity survival!

Now, on to the goodies! When we first arrived at the sale, I spotted this pretty little jewelry cabinet. I'd wanted one for a long time, but they usually are a bit expensive (around $200). This one was marked $35! Hmmm...I decided to see what else the sale had to offer and come back to it.
My daughter, the grand babies and I walked around, looking at everything. The kids made a few small purchases, but most of the items were from dealers and their prices were higher than I thought a lot of them should be. There was nothing that really spoke to me, so after a little snack picnic, we headed towards the exit. I had completely forgotten about the little cabinet until I walked by it again. I decided to ask the dealer if the $35 was the best he could do. He offered to sell it to me for $25. Deal! He even carried it all the way to my car and loaded it up for me!
It's a really nice piece with tons of storage. There are 5 drawers, one of which has small compartments in it. It's all lined in deep green velvet.
There are also doors on the sides which open up and have hooks to hold necklaces! AND, the top opens, there's a mirror on the lid, a large open area for big pieces and slots for rings and bracelets!
Please excuse the ugly ceiling fan in the picture
I'm thinking that I may paint it at some point as the finish is not really to my liking, but for now, I'm just thrilled to have a proper place for all of my jewelry! I have pieces in a dysfunctional jewelry box, in small boxes, in my vanity drawers, hanging on hooks, in a little dish and in vanity jars (mostly earrings-I'm an earring junky). Some pieces were inherited from my aunt and mother, so I'd like to have them safely tucked in this new treasure chest.

At another location, there were tons of antique dealers and a few craft vendors. Many had glassware on display - I don't know how many times I said "don't touch" to the kids and made them walk with their hands behind their backs like my mom used to make us. They were really good, pointing out things they found interesting but keeping their hands away. I found a box of old postcards and picked out this one while looking through them. I like the fact that it has a message on the back, but oddly, it was never mailed as there is no post mark or address on it. Still, I think the writing is charming and the picture is so sweet!

After a hot dog break, the kids were about done for the day, so while my daughter took them to the car, I roamed around one more group of vendors and found this incredible Italian Demijohn wine jug! I was thrilled as I had recently seen a few on Pinterest and thought that they were just beautiful in their rustic design. It's big, measuring 17" in height and has a great wooden bottom! I really was tempted to keep it but decided to sell it and it went quickly!
I also picked up a sock monkey for Jamison and Abigail because every kid should have a MeeMaw that gives them a sock monkey! My grandma made each of us one when we were little and even gave one to my parents when they were first married as their "first born"! Both kids were very excited and the sock monkeys have now taken up residence in their beds for night-time cuddling. As I was typing this, Jamison came in with Sunny, so I took their picture. Abigail's Rufus looks about the same, but he's red instead of orange.
So, those are the treasures of the day for that outing. The following Friday, my daughter and I went to the annual rummage sale. I always make a great haul there - more on that soon! (Notice I didn't dare say tomorrow?)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day! A special note to my fellow east-coasters - stay safe from Sandy! It looks like we're in for quite a wild ride between now and Wednesday!
Hugs, Leena

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  1. Nice treasures, Leena. I think the jewelry chest would look great painted, and I love the demijohn.

  2. What wonderful tag sale items you found! Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment! You have such a cute blog.


  3. You snagged some wonderful items! Thanx for sharing with us at THT!


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