Friday, November 23, 2012

30 Days of Giving Thanks-November 20-The Beach

November 20 - Anybody who knows me, knows that my favorite place to be is at the beach. I think that I was a fish in a former life. Well, maybe a mermaid. That sounds nicer. Even as a child, I couldn't stay away from the water. Once I conquered my initial fear, I practically lived at the pool during the summer. I loved it so much that when I became old enough, I trained and became a life guard. I remember the first time I saw the ocean. I was about 6 years old and my family had gone to Virginia Beach. While my dad was in a meeting, my mom took the three of us to see the beach. I recall standing there, watching the waves climb up my feet and slide back down and before I knew it, I was flat on my rear in the water! Fully clothed too as it was early spring and not nearly warm enough to be wading in the waves! I had gotten so dizzy watching the water go back and forth that I just fell over! I wasn't upset; I was fascinated! A swimming pool was a wonderful thing but this! This was magical! Water that moved! Sand and shells and little creatures to discover! Waves that held things up and moved them about. Oh! I was smitten from that point on!
As I got older, I took any opportunity to visit one of the beaches nearby. In college, Virginia Beach was about a three-hour drive, so it wasn't unusual for a group of us to spontaneously decide to drive down, just for the chance to see the ocean for a little while and get our feet wet. Back home, Ocean City, Maryland is closer. That's where Jim and I head when a rare opportunity to escape comes our way. It's more to our liking and we've gotten so that we practically have the entire area memorized - where all the hotels are, the shops, bars, restaurants, arcades, shaved ice stands, you name it. We awaken to watch the sun rise over the ocean and head to the bay side in the evening to see it set. It's breath taking. The sun seems so powerful and mystical as it slowly rises from the horizon, bathing the area in light and the whole beach soon comes to life. Children scurry after shells, gulls gather looking for a hand-out breakfast, dolphins swim by on their morning feeding run, a lone fisherman casts his line into the waves and there's always at least one person with a metal detector, skimming the sand in the hopes of finding buried treasure.
Sunrise over Ocean City, Maryland by Leena Lanteigne
There is something about the ocean that rejuvenates my soul. As soon as I smell that salty air, I feel my body relax and the stress unwind. I become one with the elements, basking in all their glory and beauty. I truly believe that I could happily spend the rest of my life, watching and listening to the waves and never want for another view. The ocean really feels like home to me.
Ocean City, Maryland by Leena Lanteigne
 I am so thankful for the times that I have spent at the beach and hope to return again soon. I hope that there is something that provides you with such beauty and peace in your life.

Thank you for joining me today! I always appreciate your visits and comments! Hugs, Leena

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