Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A White Christmas!

Guess what? We actually had a white Christmas! It started to snow on Christmas Eve around 4pm. Jamison came running upstairs, excitedly screaming, "MeeMaw! It's snowing!" It snowed for several hours, blanketing everything in a bright puffy white. There's something about Christmas snow that feels so magical to me. The decorations seem prettier, the lights appear brighter and a silent peace falls over the land. That peace was dearly appreciated by the time we finished all of our preparations and fell into bed for a short winter's nap!
Christmas morning, my oldest daughter and her boyfriend, Dale, came over for a little breakfast while the grand babies opened gifts. The little ones were thrilled with all they received (and they made out like bandits, as usual) but it was so funny to see the gender difference in action. When Jamison opened clothing, he'd go "Cool shirt!" and immediately look for another gift that contained a toy. Abigail, the little fashionista diva, would open a gift of clothing, hold the item high in the air and squeal "clothes!", then hold them up against her body to be admired by all. Too funny!
Abigail surrounded by gifts and wrapping paper
That afternoon, we headed over to Maryland to my sister Laurie's house. She and her husband Henry really go all out to make a wonderful Christmas meal! They always serve turkey and prime rib and this year, added salmon with capers to the menu. There were all the usual side dishes, including their fabulous whipped sweet potatoes and sausage stuffing! I'm real particular about my stuffing and never thought I would care for the addition of sausage, but boy was I wrong! Everything was wonderful; the food and the conversation. My dad was there and I hadn't seen him in quite a while, so it was so, so good to get caught up!
Dinner-Brianna, Dale, Dad

Dinner-Abigail, Jamison, Shannon
After dinner and dessert (Jamison ate three pieces of apple pie!), we sat by their beautiful Christmas tree and the little ones opened a few more presents. My sister gave us a beautiful Christmas tree plate filled with home-made baked goods, some cow print measuring spoons and the cutest little cow salt and pepper shakers. While I've cut way back on my cow collection over the years, I do still welcome really adorable ones!

Abigail and Aunt Laurie
Shannon, Abigail, Dad, Jamison

Aunt Laurie and Jamison

Oliver and Abigail
Brianna and Dale
Our drive home was quite enjoyable as we listened to Christmas music, admired the lights on all of the homes and the snow clinging to the trees like beautiful lace garments. We drove through town to see some of the decorations:
Town of Leesburg, VA Christmas Tree

Store window with moving ferris wheel and hot air balloons and elves

Store window with gorgeous Nativity

Life-sized Nativity in front of a church
It was a wonderful day which rejuvenated me, body, mind and soul!

The scene at my sister's the next morning:
Dad reading the paper with two doggie pals, before heading home
I hope that all enjoyed a Merry Christmas with family and friends! And now, off to the New Year!!!!

Hugs, Leena


  1. Isn't it funny, how much more enjoyable the holidays are (especially Christmas morning!) when we have little ones at home? Once the kids hit adult-hood (well, by law, anyway) it's kind of boring until those grandchildren start coming along! LOL Christmas through the eyes of children -- the best thing in my world.
    Glad you had such a lovely time, Moomie! But we did notice that you failed to tell us what you got (and gave!)
    Game - who is signed in as anonymous cuz I'm lazy

    1. Ah yes, well it was a little lean here this year, to say the least. I won a $50 gift card to Amazon like a week before Christmas and was psyched! Got a book for Jim, a CD for Shannon and a DVD for Brianna. The little ones got a few toys from us, Jamison is into Legos and Abigail is collecting the Disney Princess baby dolls (we got her Snow White). Jim got me photo editing software and Shannon made me some pretty jewelry (which I forgot to take pics of). So, when are you telling your tale? You need a blog! Hugs!

  2. A beautiful White Christmas....Happy New Year!

  3. Leena,
    Oh my gosh I love the family pics. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. Your Abigail reminds me of my little granddaughter Abigail!!! Also my daughter has a yellow lab like your oliver his name is Frank. How funny. Oliver and Frank look like twins!!!! I loved the snow too for Christmas. It really makes Christmas.

    1. I'd forgotten that I'd read that your grand daughter was also an Abigail! I love the name. Kind of old-fashioned and charming. Oliver is my sister's dog. I love labs! Such nice personalities! Oliver and Frank would probably be good friends. Oliver goes to day care and loves to play with all the other dogs. Your comments are always so sweet-thank you! Hugs!

  4. PS Leena,
    Love your new hairdo and picture on your blog. Very pretty.

    1. Thanks! I figured I'd put up a picture that reflects how I look right now. I had grown my hair out for 2 yers, then had it all cut off real short! Growing it back out a bit now. Thank you so much sweetness! <3


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