Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Joined The Pinterest Party!

I discovered the coolest link party! It's a Pinterest Link Party and is the brain-child of Bev from Flamingo Toes, Michelle from The Scrap Shoppe and Malia from Mine For The Making and is such a neat idea! It works like other link parties, but instead of linking to your blog address, you link to your Pinterest account. This creates a "Master List" of all participants' Pinterest boards, easily accessible for our browsing pleasure! It's a fantastic way to discover boards filled with  creative ideas - from home decor to crafts, recipes, DIY, gardening, fashion - virtually, anything that people are interested in doing and learning more about.
 I used to tear pictures out of magazines, place them into sheet protectors and then categorize them into a 3-ring binder. No more! Now I "pin" them onto my boards which gives me easy access and allows unlimited use of space! It also keeps me from spending countless hours of flipping through magazines in order to save what I'm attracted to, only to find out that I'm attracted to everything and keeping the entire issue! With the Pinterest Link Party Master List, I now have hundreds of boards to choose from, no matter what I'm searching for. Obviously, this is not news to many, as when I say hundreds, I mean it! I was link number 1,783! OK, so I'm a little slow at getting around to reading everything, but I always keep the email notifications and go back to them later......eventually.....some day - like today!
Photo From Pinterest Board "My Etsy Shop"
Additional cool features of this link party: each week, Malia, Bev or Michelle randomly select a Pinterest account to feature and highlight pin boards from; you only have to link up once; the list shows up on all three blogs and the list stays open indefinitely! So, If you're interested, click on the link above and come join the party! I intend to spend a few hours before bedtime checking out all of these new resources. Enjoy!
Thank you so much for stopping by - I really appreciate your visits! Hugs, Leena

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  1. I saw this and I am just so sad that this beautiful young woman lost her life to skin cancer- xo Diana


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