Monday, March 18, 2013

Snow? Excuse Me? For Real?

I woke up this morning and peeked out the window to see SNOW! Snow? Are you kidding me? It's March 18th and there's snow on the ground? Walked to the other side of the room, looked out those windows and huh! It was out there too! On the ground, the trees, the fence, the street. I've heard of "frost on the pumpkins" before, but "snow on the shamrocks? What gives, Mother Nature? Is Jack Frost holding spring for ransom? Did you forget to check your date book? Are you suffering from PMS (Postponing My Spring)? They may call this "Northern Virginia" but we're really not in the north. We're basically in the middle of the coast, kind of in a neutral zone (or, as my high school friend said of Switzerland, neutered zone). Please note that at this particular time, I am refusing to make a snowball joke. Down here, we should not be seeing snow.
I hate to complain but is it too much to ask for something warmer than 40 degrees? Maybe a little sunshine now and then? How about a nice, warm breeze and those little bud things on the trees? Some flowers would be nice too, but I won't push it. I just want spring to get here before the heat of summer arrives and we never make it outside in comfortable weather!

I realize that this isn't the most exciting post, but I also know that many of you are experiencing the same spring fever and frustration. I say we band together, we protest! We're mad as heck and we're not taking it any more! There. I feel better now. Hope you do too!

Thanks for visiting! Hugs, Leena


  1. Leena- It has been snowing since mid-morning here steadily. I am guessing at least 5 inches so far and will continue to snow for about 3 more hours-they say. I am so so so sick of Winter. We have not seen the ground since late last Fall. UGH----glad you didn't make a snow ball joke!;>) xo Diana

  2. I think mother nature forgot how to do spring so she's going to keep up with winter until she remembers.;-)


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