Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today's Smile - Spring Things

When asked what our favorite part of spring is, many of us would immediately think of the warmer temperatures, the sunshine, the flowers popping up, everything turning green, the birds chirping, etc. Today, however, I recalled another thing that I absolutely love about spring! In fact, I'm enjoying it right now and have been all day. Wanna know what it is? Air! LOL! More specifically, that wonderful, fresh scent of spring air blowing in our windows. We can finally have some windows open after the back and forth between cold and heat, and it smells glorious! I can even overlook the pollen that I know is settling on all my furniture just for a good whiff of that marvelous spring breeze! Air fresheners try to copy it, but there is nothing like the real thing!
I hope that you're enjoying your favorite part or parts of spring today! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit! Hugs, Leena


  1. That is one of my very favorite parts of Spring, too. We have not yet had a day warm enough to air the house out, isn't that crazy? xo Diana

  2. Oh yes the open windows and first day of shorts, those are a couple of my favorite spring moments.

  3. Oh, I agree! Love that fresh air softly blowing through open windows...sadly, it hasn't been warm enough here yet! Please enjoy some for me :)


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