Sunday, November 24, 2013

Paying It Forward - Gift Card Give Away!

You may know from previous posts here or on Face Book that my husband was out or work for about a year and a half due to medical issues. I'm happy to say that he returned in May and we are slowly making progress getting caught up on things. Disability payments only give you 60% of your regular salary and with all of the added expenses from doctor visits, medications and other associated necessities, it can be really difficult to manage day to day obligations. It was quite stressful, especially at this time of year. How were we supposed to have Christmas with a zero budget? County assistance provided food and my daughter was able to get gifts for the grand babes through their benefits program, but I had no funds to use for gifts for my husband and two daughters. All I wanted was a little something for them under the tree to open on Christmas morning.

Then, I noticed that one of the wonderful blogs I follow was having a give away for a $50 Amazon gift card! $50? That would be just enough to get the book Jim wanted, a DVD for my older daughter and a CD set my younger daughter was interested in! I entered, I prayed, and I won! The blog owner knew nothing of my circumstances and the drawing was completely random. I put in my Amazon order right away!

This can be a difficult time of year for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. Being able to show a little extra gift-wrapped love to our family members does our hearts good. So, I've decided to pay it forward with a give away for a $50 gift card of your choice! Use it for yourself, give it to someone in need, it's all up to you!

All you have to do is leave a comment after this post, listing your top three choices for the gift card, should you win. On December 1st, I will randomly draw a winner from all entrants and announce it right here! This is the first give away I've ever done and I'm so excited! I love giving!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and GOOD LUCK!
Hugs, Leena


  1. Leena,
    What a special story and devine intervention when you needed it most. Now to pay it forward it wonderful. I am a secret angel to someone that is unable to work and is on disability which you know barely covers the rent. So if I win this I will send it on to my person that I am a secret angel too. I give her Walmart and gas gifts cards in an angel card each Christmas with a note saying angels are watching over her. She still does not know it is me and I am so thankful to help her out. This would help me to help her. So thanks for the entry.
    Happy Thanksgiving my Friend.

  2. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I would give the $50.00 to my son who is 28 years old. He had major surgery in August and the surgery didn't go very well. He is still having lots of problems and he has been out of work and school. He has tons of medical bills that need to be paid and he is unable to work. We are helping as much as we can, but my husband is out on medical leave also. I know that my son would put the $50.00 to good use. It would be nice for him to have a little spending money of his own and not have to depend on his parents for everything. Thank you again.

  3. Oh-Leena- You are such a good soul. I am not putting my name in but please put Tete's name in from (Beyond The Garden Gate) I don't know how much blog visiting she does but it has been a tough year for them, I know. So, I am throwing my name in for her.
    I am glad this has been a better year for you- xo Diana

  4. I'm so glad your husband is doing better. It was a rough year for us financially as well. How wonderful you were blessed with a gift card, and, how generous of you to give someone else a chance to win. Both my sons have had trouble finding employment. Either of them would be happy with a gift card to Best Buy or Walmart.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It is a blessing to pay it forward to needed people. I would be happy to have Amazon, Target or TJmaxx gift card.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Thank you for the giveaway!
    I would love a gift card to Amazon, Walmart or Visa gc.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  7. Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Holidays!
    I'd choose Petsmart, Visa or Walmart


  8. Aw moomie thats such a nice thing, paying it forward! There was a pay it forward at dunkin the other day that i participated in. It was pretty amazing. Anyway, as you know, ive been in the hospital on and off this year, and ill be here until tuesday atleast. Anyway, me and my daughter were just talking anout what to get my mom this year since shes always been sooooo great with adriana, and most importantly, this year as ive had it rough. Id lrt adriana figure out what to do. :) thanks. So glad to hear all is well over there now!!!!!! <3 melissa

    1. Hi Melissa! I know it's been a rough year for you and I'm sorry for all you've been going through. Just remember how important it is that you be well, believe in yourself and stay strong. There's so many of us routing for you! Getting something special for your mom is perfect! She always has everyone's best interest at heart but doesn't always take time for herself. She needs some real pampering, for sure! One of the best things you can do is tell her how you feel, then back it up with actions. we moms like stuff like that LOL Hugs, Moomie


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