Sunday, December 15, 2013

When Auto-Correct Is NOT Correct!

During last week's icy and snowy weather, Jamison's school was closed for a couple of days. He and I were home together Monday morning, then Jim joined us mid-day. While texting my daughter about how our day went, I told her that we had had a fun time and that he was perfectly behaved. She attempted to message me, "He loves his Meemaw and Geegaw time" and her auto-correct changed it to, "He loves his enema garage time"! After making a few wise cracks and laughing my head off, I decided that these "smart" phones aren't as intelligent as they think they are!
My new phone is just like this but I put a pink case on it because, you know, it HAS to be pink!
Hope that gave you a giggle and thanks for stopping by!
Hugs, Leena


  1. The phone may be smarter than you think! SOME of the so-called "smart phones" learn their behavior from their owner. So, if I enter "Gamedame" a few times, the phone stops trying to correct it to garbage (even when I don't add a word to the dictionary). Soooo, what I want to know is if Shannon has typed "enema garage" a time or two and the phone thought that's what she was trying to say. :D She could secretly be a kinky little thing! (LOL, Shannon, you know I love you and I'm just teasing!)

    1. And she's been blaming unknown critters for making the mess in the garage and it was her all along? LOL!

  2. Leena this is so funny and so true. Glad you had a fun day with your grandson.

  3. they are not, they are trouble makers LOL! Cute cute cute. Merry Christmas. XO

  4. Soo funny!! We've had that happen a couple of times,'s crazy what they come up with!

  5. Haha This is why I try not to text! I am hopeless at it. Lol
    Merry Christmas season, Leena!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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