Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The World According To Abigail, Age 4

Today's Subject: Santa Claus

Meemaw? Do you know why Santa has such a big round tummy?
No, Abigail, I don't. Why does he?
Because he eats all those cookies and milks and he never goes to the bathroom!
He never goes to the bathroom?
No! How can he fly around the world all night and never go to the bathroom?
I don't know, but he never does and his tummy gets bigger and bigger!

Well, I think he must go once he gets home.
Nope! He doesn't.
He'd have to. Otherwise he'd explode!
(Laughing) Nope, he never goes at all!
No, I think you're kidding me. I think he goes once he gets home, then he can eat more and build his tummy up again for the next Christmas. Otherwise he wouldn't fit into his red suit and the reindeer couldn't pull the sleigh because he'd be too heavy.
I dunno, Meemaw, but I'm not kidding (impish look and giggle).
Abigail, I still think you're kidding me.
(Dives onto my lap, wraps arms around my neck, giggling together)
Abigail, you're a funny kid!
Yeah. I love you, Meemaw.
I love you too my little one.

Moments like this are the best of all!
Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you lots of best moments in your life!
Hugs, Leena


  1. Hahahaaa! That's so cute! Thanks for sharing, Leena! Wishing you an over the top 2015!

  2. Leena,
    Toooooooo sweet. Your Abby and mine are both 4 going on 40!!!! Don't you love the innocent stuff they come up with. Loved this post. Hope you are doing great. Happy New Year.

  3. Thanks for all the nice comments tonight I don't have an email addy for you so hope you get this
    Sounds like your pet peeves are a lot like my own. xo Diana

  4. Hi Leena,
    I did not have an email so I figured I would leave you a comment here. Hope you get it. Just wanted to say thank you for all your visits to my posts. Much appreciated.


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