Thursday, January 20, 2011

CrAZy HaiR!

 A few months ago, I decided that I would attempt to grow my hair out. I knew it would take some time before I had anything even remotely considered as "more than short" hair since it was about an inch long and spiked up on top. Yep, spiked. Red, too. Much shorter than in any picture I have posted here or on FaceBook. Even shorter than in this license picture from a few years ago. 
I liked it, wore it that way for several years, but, as is a woman's prerogative, I wanted something different.

Over the months, it not only has grown much faster than I anticipated, but it has changed color. It is now chocolate brown, very dark; in fact, darker than I thought it would be. Maybe it will give me that exotic, mysterious look. Nah! I don't think so. However, I do like it very much and think I will stick with this shade for a while.

My plan was to just let it grow until I thought it needed a little shaping up, so last week, I went to the local "Hair Butchery" (yes, we call it that and no, I don't know why we continue to go there). I really have no idea what this "stylist" was doing, but after a little trim, she decided to show me an alternative to wearing my hair curled under, like I prefer to. She curled my hair up and not just on the bottom, all the way up to the crown, which was all poofy! I looked like some demented reject from the cast of Hairspray! Who wears their hair like that? Row after row of flipped up curl. Did she think I wanted to resemble a rooster? I decided it wasn't a real big deal, just a bad styling and that I could sleep it flat and wash it out the next day. Boy, was I wrong! It inflated overnight and I awoke to majorly puffed up hair! "Ack! I look like a Macy's balloon!" I shouted to my husband. This was much different from my Einstien hair of old. This was CrAZy HaiR! Fortunately, it all did come out in the wash and I now have semi-normal hair. I will continue to allow it to grow and do its thing until it needs taming again. 

This is what it looks like if I shake my head back and forth really fast - CrAZy HaiR!
Kids, don't try this at home

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