Friday, January 14, 2011

Isn't It The Truth?

I was over at a wonderful site I've joined, The Braves Girls Club (click on the button below to be linked there). It is a fabulous site, filled with inspiration, creativity, encouragement and very friendly and talented people! A while back, I'd signed up to receive what they call their "Daily Truths". This is an email that arrives daily that really comes from the heart of the writer. The emails are words of wisdom, encouragement, hope, friendship; so many things all rolled into one. I always enjoy reading them and have actually printed off several for my "board of motivation".

Anyway, I just read today’s Daily Truth and it is, well, so true! It pondered the notion of what would happen if an artist never shared their work? This applies to so many people who share of themselves - artists, writers, song writers, actors, too many to list. They all create something that can make one single moment so much more special, yet what if they hid their work for fear of rejection? I was thinking of this recently; how if everybody who was ever told ”no, you can’t do that” or ”no, that won’t work” or just plain didn’t have the confidence in themselves to try just gave up, think of all the wonderful, useful things in this world we wouldn’t have? Think of all the fantastic people we may never have met? I am done with the Negative Nellies! I know I can do it! I know I was meant to do it! I know I will do it! Instead of being my own worst critic, I am becoming my own best cheerleader! Shake those pom- poms! Believe in yourself! Do what you were meant to do! Wow! That felt great! xoxo~Leena~

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