Friday, January 7, 2011

Simple Joys For Simple People

Wow! January, huh? I'm looking at the calendar and it says January. Are you sure we already had Christmas? Are you positive summer ended so many months ago? I often think I've fallen into a time warp because this rapid passing of days, weeks, months, dare I even say years, doesn't seem possible. 

I started out December as I always do; with the wearing of the holiday earrings and socks! What? You haven't heard of this tradition? Well hop on board, sister, because it's really fun! Out of all the things I collect, I think I enjoy my holiday accessories the most and I am a freak over earrings at any time of year! Like I said, starting December 1st, I get out the special box marked "Holiday Jewelry" and once again, get all giddy and excited. Contained in that box are over 25 pairs of holiday-themed earrings; everything from sweet little snow angels to Santas tangled in tree lights!

My Earrings (I like the teeny tiny red sock near the bottom. Like Who socks)

Christmas Pins

There are also around 15 pins of the same nature. Some belonged to my mom and my aunt, so they are very special and take turns riding on my coats and sweaters.  My sock collection is housed in a basket in my bedside table drawer. I only have maybe 10 pairs or so of socks, so I have to make sure and keep up with the laundry!

Socks, socks, warm. toasty socks!

So simply, each day, I pick out a pair of earrings and a pair of socks and a pin and while wearing them, I have super powers! I can out-smile the crankiest of holiday shoppers! Well, maybe not, but I am in a much better mood when I am wearing my little festive friends! Over the years, my husband has even gotten involved.  No, he's not wearing the jewelry and socks, at least, I don't have any evidence that he is, but he does buy me the prettiest earrings and pins and the cutest socks most years to add to my addiction, er, collection. See?

Silver tree with PINK BLING! Love them!

Silver glitter snowflakes - sparkly!

 I'm sure it isn't too late to start your own collection and tradition and prepare for next year. Many of the stores are still selling Christmas and holiday themed goods at great discounts. If not, then keep an eye out for these little gems in the fall. They'll be out plenty early enough for you to start your private festival come December. Just one of the simple little things I love to do during such a joyous season!

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