Friday, April 22, 2011

Beach Trip Finale

Hey Ya'll! Last time, I left you with some beautiful pictures of the sunrise over the ocean on Wednesday. We were supposed to leave for home that day, but extended our stay until Thursday. If we had our way, we'd extend it forever! That is my goal for our future.

The World-Famous Ocean City, MD Boardwalk
We spent most of the afternoon roaming the boardwalk. Since it's pre-season, a lot of the little shops I like to frequent were not open, but there were enough to browse a bit, pick up a sweatshirt my daughter had wanted and a new straw hat and pair of dangly earrings - you know how much I LOVE my dangly earrings! We warmed quite a few benches, admiring the waves and people watching. The beach is the best place for this spectator sport, as you never know what you will see! One year, it was a guy riding a bike with a live monkey on his shoulder! It seems that the beach has this uncanny way of removing folks' inhibitions, and those who would normally be conservative at home, break lose into a fashion frenzy! In other words, you can see some of the tackiest, ill-fitted and downright outrageous outfits along the boardwalk, but I say go for it! Wear it with confidence - wear it like you mean it! We also saw a lot of people riding bikes, which can get a bit dangerous when you're walking and they speed by on both sides. The cutest "bike" by far was one enclosed in a replica vintage car body. It was like a giant pedal toy from the 50's! I want one for home LOL! There were kids of all ages (every body's a kid at the beach) and many sweet little doggies who stopped by to say hello (they probably were searching us for food) and the atmosphere was relaxed and joyful. What's better than coming out of winter's cocoon and spending time along the shore in the bright sunshine? I can't think of a thing that tops that!

I spotted this sign and it immediately reminded me of my friends Dixie and Linda, the Funky Junk Sisters of Junk Salvation. I wish that the store had been open as I would have loved to see what they sold in there.

Can't get enough of that Funky Stuff!
We also hung out at the Kite Loft. This store has so many wonderful things in it! If it flies, swirls, twirls, spins or does anything else in the wind, they sell it! They always have a great display out on the beach during summer, which can be seen for miles! The best kite I ever saw was a huge, almost life-sized cow!

Jim sitting on a beautiful dolphin bench
One of the most colorful and unique destinations along the boardwalk is the Ocean City Art Gallery. The outside of the building is made up of quite an assortment of collected items - an art piece within itself! Inside, there are photos and paintings of just about anything you could desire - beach life, vintage landscapes, old Hollywood icons, and the best selection of sports arena photos! During prior visits, I purchased a framed shot of Fenway Park for Jim and of Turner Field for me. A person could spend hours browsing all this gallery has to offer!

Ocean Gallery
One of the things friends and family request us to bring home is Fisher's Caramel Corn. It is SO GOOD! I like mine with peanuts. It's interesting to watch how this huge vat of caramel is mixed with the popcorn and smells wonderful - tastes even better!

Carry a bucket of this tasty treat around and you'll be a sea gull's friend for life!
LAND SHARK! Nah, it's just the sign for Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. That Ripley guy sure collected a odd array of things! 

Having been a lifeguard, I have a special respect and appreciation of those who work the shores of Ocean City, keeping all safe. This museum is a nice tribute:

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Thursday morning, we packed up and stopped by the dunes to take a couple of pictures:

There was time for breakfast at Bagels and Buns:

A few more photo opportunities:

Then it was time to say good-bye, head down the road, cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and arrive at home about four hours later. We were thankful for the opportunity to get away for a little while and are looking forward to our next visit!

View of both sides of this enormous bridge

This bridge is over 3 miles long!

One last reminder:

Thanks for reading and I hope that where ever your vacation plans take you, you have a fun, safe and adventurous time! Love ya! ~Leena~

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