Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Simple Pleasures, Big Smiles

We finally had a break in the weather yesterday, with the rain holding off until evening. My daughter had to take Abigail to an appointment, so that left Jamison and me with some time together. We love spending time with each other. He's my little buddy and we bonded very strongly when he was a baby and I provided his day (and sometimes night) care for his first 18 months. Even once he started attending a commercial day care, he was still always excited to see me and would yell, "Meemaw! My Meemaw!" Too cute!

He wanted to use my binoculars, so I took him out to the screened porch to look for birds. We filled the feeders to entice them to come visit and waited patiently for their arrival. Jamison was fascinated with the way the binoculars made everything look so much bigger and spied on the neighbors' flowers, a truck and a few birds in the trees, but none came onto the deck. I then showed him how those little seed pods that fall all over the place, spin when you drop them and that I call them helicopters. He had a blast, collecting them from the deck and dropping them over the edge, then imitating how they spun. We "decorated" the porch with his big sidewalk chalk (thankfully it washes right off) and arranged my sea shells into an old basket, before getting out the giant bubble wand. Jamison loves blowing bubbles and he laughs and squeals while chasing them around. We had many important conversations, sang a few silly songs and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

Sea Shells and Cherub in old basket
Jamison watching the bubbles float by

Jamison blowing bubbles

It really doesn't take much to brighten a day. Sometimes, the simplest of things can have the most meaning, and sharing them with a loved one makes them extra special. I'm looking forward to our next outing, as soon as it stops raining again! Have a joyful day! ~Leena~

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