Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunshine on my Shoulders Make Me HAPPY!

I woke up this morning to the most glorious sight - the sun! It wasn't just barely there, peeking out from behind a cloud, it was out, in full force, shining brightly! After so many rainy and cloudy days, it was definitely a welcomed surprise. The sky is a beautiful shade of blue with not a cloud to be seen. Jamison, Sullivan and I have already been out hunting for more "helicopters" and enjoying the morning.

So, what shall I do today? Well, there's my HUGE home decorating and gardening magazine collection that I started organizing the other day. I have way too many and they were beginning to take over my bedroom, so I've put them in their own cute little holders, separated by title. The most recent issues will still be allowed to sit in a basket at my bedside, until I need to corral them. I have resisted the urge to flip through the older issues as I know that will send me into a "I have to do a project now!" frenzy and I really need to concentrate on my spring cleaning and organizing. When it comes to the beautiful pages of decorating, creating and gardening, I am so easily distracted. It's not a bad thing, just not always a timely one.

I also need to straighten out the garage. During the winter months, it seems that many items were just tossed in there and, while there is still the obligatory room for my car (I insist upon having room for it in there) it's getting tighter and tighter. I'm in one of my "get it out of here" moods, so many things will be donated or tossed, depending upon their condition. Take, for example, the Christmas deer that no longer light up. They were spared during one of my sentimental "but they're so cute" moods. Sorry; deer season is now officially open! There's also several cans of house paint with "just enough left in case I need to do a touch-up". Trust me; should I decide to paint any portion of any wall, I'm changing colors. We've been living in an almost completely white house for several years now and I need color! It's funny that, when I see it in magazines or anothers home, I love it - all white paint and furniture, but the white walls in my own home just don't suit my personality. Yes, I am a sentimental romantic who loves old, shabby items, but I'm a bit too, hmmm, eclectic perhaps? to live in an all white house. So, the paint cans will be headed over to the hazardous waste disposal. That will clear off enough shelf space for some of the out-grown baby items and believe me, I will be overjoyed to get the infant car seats off of my dining room table! I am a very devoted Meemaw but enough is enough! Little people sure do have a lot of stuff, don't they?

Add to the list the laundry, cleaning up of the kitchen, running the vacuum and, my favorite - mowing the lawn! At least it will give me an excuse to be outside in the sunshine, right? I may even sneak some time in to hit the nursery for a few pretty flowers for my porch pots, now that I think we are clear of any frost :::keeping fingers crossed:::

So, I guess I've "listed" myself into a pretty busy day, and better get a move on my mom would've said. I hope that you enjoy your day, whatever it brings, and that if the sun isn't shining in your area, some happy moment will place a little sun in your heart. Love ya! ~Leena~

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