Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rockin' Robins!

Several years ago, a pair of robins took to building a nest on top of the spot light that hangs above our basement door. I tried to let them know that this was not a good spot, by repeatedly removing their nesting attempts each time they would rebuild. They were relentless, however, and once I saw that they had put so much hard work into making a home for their soon to arrive family members, I didn't have the heart to take it down. I just hoped that they would be safe up there and that our dogs (we had 3 at the time) would not find any babies roaming around the yard. Baby bird time always makes me so nervous!

We always get two sets of chicks each year. I'm not sure if the mother lays two sets of eggs or if one group leaves and another takes over, but with each new resident, the nest is added on to. It keeps getting taller and taller and soon there won't be enough clearance between it and the deck above for anybody to get in or out!
Robin's nest. You can sort of see the divisions where different families have added to it
These little birds are very protective of their eggs and hatchlings, so each time we go outside, the adults sit on the fence and fuss at us. "Cheep, chirp, bip bip bip!" I have no idea what they are saying but I'm sure it would be censored. We try not to stay out too long as we really don't want to disturb them, however, every once in a while I'll tell a particularly naggy one, "I told you it wasn't a good place to raise babies but you wouldn't listen!"

The other day, I walked outside and noticed that, what were small babies just a few days prior, were sitting up in the nest looking like they were about ready to leave it! I decided to take their picture, as they were posing so nicely. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. As soon as I raised my camera up towards the nest, the babies let out a shriek and took off! They weren't very good at flying, so they sort of air wobbled towards the ground. Meanwhile, I was looking to see where Sullivan, my dog was, so that he wouldn't notice the babies. At that moment, the entire Robin Mafia came after me! There were robins on the fence, in the trees, swooping at my head, flying back and forth, and all of them were cussing and fussing up a storm! I have no idea where the babies went: most likely, they bopped through a small hole in the fence and were in the next yard, heading towards the woods. Needless to say, I decided that it was time for Sullivan and me to go inside. I felt really badly for having caused such a ruckus, but I had no idea those little guys would take off like that. Must've scared them pretty good too, as one doodied on my hand!

I was just out a little while ago and I saw my little feathered friends, flying much better than last week, and being fed by their mother. An adult did hop up on the fence and give me the evil eye, but I didn't pay attention. With the babies gone, the yard is up for grabs once again!

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