Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today's Smile - Kids Say The Sweetest Things

My little, just turned 4 years old grandson Jamison, came up to me the other day and said the sweetest thing. Out of the blue, he said, "Meemaw, you're in my heart". I was so touched! I told him that he was in my heart too and then he said, "You make my heart happy!" to which I replied, "You make my heart very happy". This continued back and forth for a little while with "very, very happy, very, very, VERY happy" and so on, until we both just stood there, giggling and hugging each other. After a bit, he scurried off to continue playing with his toys. God I Love That Kid!! He is the sweetest little one and fills each day with joy. I am truly blessed!

Hope you have a heart happy day and thank you for being here! Hugs, ~Leena~

Got Love? Pass it around. It will always come back to you!


  1. That is so precious!!! Thank you for sharing...makes my heart smile!!!

  2. Thanks so much Julie! He really is such a sweetheart, a real blessing! {{{{}}}}


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