Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two Smiles For The Price Of One!

If you follow my FaceBook page, you saw me complaining the other day about having to go to Wal Mart. I have nothing against the store, I just didn't really want to go. It's always hot, crowded and loud. Oh well, off I went and since I didn't have much to get, it wasn't long before I was headed for the check-out line. Walking ahead of me were two sisters. When one sister commented on how expensive everything was these days, the other replied, "Hello? Where have you been?". The first sister commented that she had no idea how their mom did it with all of them. She then said something that almost stopped me in my tracks, "I really should call and thank her for everything she did for us when we were growing up. I really don't know how she did it!". I was so touched, it made me smile. I can't imagine what my reaction to a phone call like that would be. I might faint! I sure hope that she did call her mother. The thought made me smile.

On the way home, I was passing an apartment complex when I spotted a bunch of junk sitting outside a dumpster in the parking lot. What caught my eye were some chair legs sticking up from behind a couch. I did a quick turn-around at the next parking lot and headed back to check it out. There, I found a nice dining room chair! I gave it the wiggle test and it was sturdy. I turned it over to check how the chair seat was attached - easy, a few screws and the seat would pop out for me to recover. The wood was in good shape and will take paint well. So, I snatched it up and placed it in the back of my car. I drive a small SUV and can usually take just about anything I find. You'd be surprised at what I've crammed in there. Not that this chair took up much space. So now, the chair is sitting in my office, waiting for the humidity to die down a little bit so the paint will adhere better and won't take so long to cure. I have a beautiful piece of fabric I'd like to recover the seat with and the perfect paint color to go with it - I can't wait! Finding junk always makes me smile!

So, I guess you never know where or when a smile will grace your day. I hope you get many of them, however they arrive! Hugs, ~Leena~

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