Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paint Your Wagon!

I had been on the look-out for some cute little piece of junk that I could plant flowers in and add a little bit of charm to my yard. At a recent yard sale, I came across this old, bang-up wagon. It had been haphazardly painted blue and black, had a bit of rust on the inside, a large wrap of electrical tape on the handle, which I assume was holding it together, and lots of dirt. Still, it once had cuteness to it and I was sure that I could do something with it to bring it back to life. Besides, for $3, how could I go wrong? Here is the before picture:

Not exactly charming, right? No problem. I took "her" home, cleaned her up a bit, then got put my paints. I sprayed the body and hubcaps pink, my favorite soft color, and the wheels, frame and handle black. I love the way that the shiny black brought the wheels back to life! After the paint had dried and cured for a few days (this humidity kept it sticky for longer than I anticipated) she was ready for planting. I chose pink begonias, burgundy sweet potato vine, a white salvia and some tall purple flowers who's name I can't recall (I really should keep a gardening diary or at least hang onto those little plastic name tags). I had left the electrical tape in place, for fear of what I would find underneath it, but covered it up by winding wide pink ribbon over it and tying the ends in a sweet bow underneath the handle. I placed my newly completed project out front and when my grandson, Jamison, got home, he declared, "Ohhhh! It's so cute!". Mission accomplished! Here are the after pictures:

I love to put little angels peeking out from the plants

Thank you for stopping by. Hugs and Love, ~Leena~


  1. Leena, I love how the wagon looks painted pink with the black accents! It looks beautiful with the plants in it too.


  2. Amanda, you are so sweet to take the time to read my posts and leave comments! I really apprecaite it!! ~Leena~


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