Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sullivan and Shelter Challenge!

My little buddy, Sullivan, celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday! I'm not too concerned about the turmoil of his teen years however, as Sullivan is my dog, not a human. He only thinks he's human LOL! He is my sweet cocker spaniel that we adopted 10 years ago from an organization called Oldies But Goodies (OBG) Northern Virginia Cocker Spaniel Rescue. We adopted our other big bud and his good friend, Gilbert, at the same time. Unfortunately, he passed two years ago at the age of 14. Get the names? Gilbert and Sullivan? The composers? Seems that the folks at OBG have quite a sense of humor and when they rescue a "John Doe" doggie, they give him or her a name. Often when two come in at the same time, they are given paired names. There have been Lucy and Ricky, Blondie and Dagwood, you get the idea.

Jamison and Gilbert

Gilbert was always a ham for the camera!

Sullivan was 5 when we adopted him and had been surrendered to a pound by a family who, from what we can tell, did not treat him well. He was afraid of any sudden movements or loud voices and would cower if you swung your arms around as though he thought he was going to be hit. He was scared to death of the garden hose, so badly that he would not go outside if he saw it. Obviously, he had been sprayed with a hose either for punishment or in taunting. He reportedly was a biter who didn't like his ears or tail touched, most likely because the five children he lived with pulled on both body parts. Yet, with all that he had endured, he was the sweetest, most loving little guy right from the start. He immediately attached himself to me (I'm the alpha dog of the bunch) and has been my little shadow ever since. If he's asleep and I go to leave the room, I have to wake him up and let him know, so he won't awaken and panic when he can't find me. Seriously, he will race all through the house looking for me. He obviously just wants love and we've given him plenty of that and his fears have subsided over the years. He trusts us and knows that we would never harm him. How could anyone have been so cruel to this loving, sweet, good-natured little dog?

Sullivan enjoying sitting on the glider
He even became accustomed to our little grandchildren as soon as they arrived and would check on them if they were crying as infants. Although Sullivan never learned to play with toys or humans, he will sit with the kids while they play or watch television and give them kisses. They, in return, love to hug and kiss him. He also likes the fact that they are lower to the ground and easier to sneak food away from!

Abigail sharing a snack with Sullivan

OBG takes in hundreds of dogs like Gilbert and Sullivan each year and holds adoption events and fund raisers to take care of these precious little wiggle-butts and to find them forever homes. They foster as many as possible, so that the dogs have a home to live in as opposed to a kennel. The dogs are given medical care and treatment, spayed or neutered, groomed and observed for behavior characteristics. They have a wonderful website that shows all the dogs available plus has pictures and stories of happy endings, a memorial section and a section with news and tips. They really need all the help they can get and this is where you come in. In these tough monetary times, it's still so easy to make a difference at no cost. How? Further down this page, you will see a button under events, for the Shelter Challenge. Click on it and it will take you to a page where you can vote for OBG. You can bookmark the page or request daily email reminders. You can vote once per day. The shelters can win various monetary grants by earning your votes. Please, if you will, take a little extra time during your daily online routine and vote for Oldies But Goodies. It's free, easy and makes such a huge, HUGE difference in these dog's lives.
Molly (RIP), Gilbert (RIP) and Sullivan 2001, shortly after we adopted the boys. I raised Molly from a pup.
Sullivan and I thank you so very much and wish you a wonderful and joyful day! Hugs, ~Leena~


  1. Happy Birthday to Sullivan! What cute dogs! They are all lucky to have such a loving home. I don't understand how anyone can treat them so badly. I am glad that you rescued them!

  2. Thank you Amanda! We get as much love and enjoyment from them as they do from us! I think that the rescuing is mutual =:) Hugs, ~Leena~


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