Monday, September 5, 2011

Endless Summer

Happy Labor Day! Traditionally, today marks the unofficial end of summer. Those school districts that have not yet opened, will do so tomorrow. Neighborhood pools closed today, much to the displeasure of splash-happy children. Shopping malls were packed with bargain hunters, picnics were held and  prices on beach and other vacation destination hotels are now being lowered. However, according to the calendar, we still have approximately three weeks of summer left, officially, and I intend to stretch that lazy, crazy, hazy summer feeling as far as I possibly can. I shall practice my annual ritual of the...
That's right, the endless summer! I shall seek out signs and customs of this wonderful season, despite the horribly hot weather most of us have endured! I shall try to get to the beach during the off-season and joyously race into the waves, even if the water is a tad chilly!
I will walk along the boardwalk and cruise up and down the main road, taking in the sights, despite some of the attractions and shops being closed.

I promise to sit, wrapped in a blanket, coiled against the cold, and watch the surfers, the original founders of the endless summer phenomenon.

I will continue to cook outside on the grill, until my oven gloves are replaced by wool mittens...

...and enjoy dining al fresco on the screened porch, watching the sun set.

Mostly, I will refuse to give up my flip flops until the temperature drops so low that I risk frost bite!
Eventually, I know that the sun will set on my summer and winter will come whether I like it or not. Gone will be baseball, the garden flowers, many of the birds I love watching, and sitting outside to get some fresh air will be a chilling experience. Until then, however, I promise you, my fellow summer lovers, that I shall cherish the sun's warmth on my skin, the fresh air billowing through the windows and embrace that perfect wave, if only in my mind and heart.

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