Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today's Smile

We are finally enjoying some cooler temps now that the 100+ days of summer are, hopefully, behind us. As I said in my last post, I'm not ready for fall yet, but being able to go outside without gasping for air in the thick humidity and heat is a real blessing. I love this time of year, when I can really enjoy being outdoors and find pleasure in the cool breezes and chirps of the crickets coming through open windows. My only complaint, well, it's the rain. We've had rain for several days now and while I know other areas that could use some, my back yard is looking like a swamp and I'm beginning to wonder if some fish-headed creature may appear, like from an old horror movie. Swamp Thing, Creature From The Black Lagoon, you get the idea. Now, if that pond in the back was big enough for my ship to come in, well yeehaw baby! That'd be awesome! Even Mr. Pig proclaimed his displeasure:
 Days like this are when I'm even more in love with my screened porch. I can sit outside, taking in the fresh air, and stay dry in the process. Taking a little break earlier today, the rain let up momentarily and the sun made a gallant effort to appear. During this brief respite, who did I see but my two resident hummingbirds! They hang out in the area and come to my deck feeders. I think it's the same two every year because one is real ornery and won't let the other feed. So, I hung a second feeder, thinking this would solve the problem. Nope. The little rascal tries to guard both feeders, but his companion has gotten smarter and will lead greedy Gus on a chase, then swoop in for a quick meal before he figures out where smarty pantz has gone. It's quite amusing to watch them bob and weave, chasing each other around. Despite the rain and gloomy grey, they made my day bright and happy.

Be sure to keep an open eye, even on the ickiest of days, for you never know when a little smile will enter your world! Take care and hugs, Leena

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